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QTRS sets high reefer standards

  • From the October 2016 issue.
QTRS sets high reefer standards

Mitsubishi Pegasus refrigeration systems have made an ideal first impression on the Director of Eades Transport by meeting his high standards for reefer technology.

In March this year, four brand new Maxi-CUBE trailers equipped with Mitsubishi Pegasus refrigeration systems were delivered to the Adelaide base of Eades Transport. While the transport company had not been using either of those brands of refrigeration equipment before, Darrell Eades says he was instantly impressed with the technology.

Director of the self-titled refrigerated transport company, Darrell says he has high standards for trailing technology and is therefore not easily impressed.

“The Pegasus fridges pull down to -18˚C in no time at all, and hold the set temperature with no fluctuations, which is something we have noted other systems struggling with,” Darrell says, adding that the fridges have clocked up over 1,500 operating hours since delivery.

Those hours have seen the trailers travel Australia-wide in both chiller and freezer modes, with Darrell adding that the Pegasus has delivered exceptional fuel economy. “We’re getting four days out of a fuel tank chilling to -2˚C while we have experienced other brands of refrigeration units do less than three. It’s a substantial difference in fuel efficiency, so we’re very happy.”

Adding to his satisfaction with fuel economy and temperature compliance, Darrell says he was blown away by the customer service provided to him by Mitsubishi distributor, Quality Transport Refrigeration Systems (QTRS) Director, Daniel Oxley-Boyd.

The full story appears in the October edition of Trailer - out now.

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