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Razor sharp as always

Razor sharp as always

Safety, reliability and quality are all one and the same for Chapman Grain Services. The Yarrawonga-based company swears by these operating principles; so much so when purchasing new equipment, Chapman only relies on tried and tested brands such as Razor International.

“My brother Nick and I were raised in a typical trucking family, so it seemed only logical that we would end up being part of the business,” says Mark Chapman, who is now at the helm of the family business that has been around for almost half a century.

In 2002, Mark’s parents Ross and Gwen split the company into two divisions, Chapman Grain Services and Ross Chapman Cartage and Earthmoving.

“Due to growing demand from different clients, we felt it was in the company’s best interest to have two separate divisions that could handle different projects,” Mark explains.

“Back then, Nick took control of the earthmoving side, while my wife and I took over the grain services division. We therefore purchased a 6,000 tonne grain storage facility here in Yarrawonga, which had us move the business up from South Gippsland.

“Plus, the company simply needed a bigger area to work from and one that would provide easy access for our clients from regional Victoria and NSW if required, so the relocation was only logical.”

According to Mark, the grain haulage side of the business has experienced significant growth to the point where it can now boast five trucks and a tow operator, two quad-axle dog tippers, two single tippers, a 19-metre B-double set and a 25-metre B-double tipper.

The fleet is used to cart grain, fertiliser and other quarry materials throughout regional Victoria and parts of New South Wales. However, a large part of Chapman’s work includes transporting grains such as wheat, triticale and barley to the company’s 100 clients in the grain and dairy industries.

“Our 25-metre B-double tipping combination we use for these jobs is capable of handling up to 44 tonnes,” Mark says. “For this reason, it is built to be robust and sturdy in order to withstand both the heavy loads and the freight itself, which can be challenging at times.”

With the rapid growth of Chapman’s grain business, Mark set about improving the quality of his fleet to ensure that all the company’s tasks were carried out in the safest and most efficient manner.

“In 2005, we started using Razor landing legs on our 19-metre B-double,” he says. “We were so impressed with the quality and reliability of the brand, it convinced us to try the rollover tarp as well when we specced the 25-metre B-double tipper.”

Once in operation, Mark found out quickly that Razor’s automatic rollover tarp was not just a quality product, but one that would make life easier for his drivers.

“Compared to handling a tarp manually, we’ve found that electrically operated tarps can prevent a lot of potential OH&S issues when opening and securing the load,” says Mark. “All our drivers need to do is hop out of the vehicle, press a button to unload or secure, and that’s that. They don’t even need to do that anymore as it’s all in cab wireless remote.”

As the company continues to plough along nicely, Mark admits that more Razor products are likely to be fitted to more of Chapman’s fleet before the year’s end. “We share a long-standing relationship with our suppliers, in particular Razor. They not only develop the product in-house in Australia, but also help us make light work of a tough task and stay completely hazard free,” he says.

“Razor stands out from other names in the industry because of their reliability, service and the relationships the company has with its customers – and because they are honest. When it comes to the supply of equipment, you need someone honest that you can rely on,” says Mark.

“Their backup service is terrific too. I guess the great thing is we haven’t had to utilise that a lot, but when we have had to call on Razor, then they’ll send someone out straight away to resolve the issue.”

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