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Reaching new heights

  • From the March 2019 issue.
Reaching new heights

Impressed by Palfinger’s reliability, engineering and service, Aboods Crane Trucks owner, Tony Abood, has remained a loyal customer for over 25 years. His Palfinger crane fleet, including the latest advanced SH Series, continues to go the distance.

For Tony, trucks have been part of his life for as long as he can remember. Although he has built his business up from just one truck fitted with a Palfinger crane, to the modern fleet of 22 trucks and 15 Palfinger cranes that he manages today, you’ll still be more likely to find him behind the wheel than sitting behind a desk. “I’m very hands on,” he says. “I tend to concentrate on making sure the trucks are ready to go on a daily basis, training drivers and being out there on the road. I’m happiest when I’m behind the wheel of one of the trucks.”

Based in Tweed Heads, on New South Wales’ Queensland border, the business operates Australia-wide; navigating through some of Australia’s most difficult terrain – battling everything from the heat and dust of the interior, the wilderness of the tropics, to the hustle of the city.

Though Tony grew up around general freight transport, he decided to try his hand at crane truck work after finding a job delivering roof trusses. “Back then, I had no idea about cranes and learnt by working with them. The opportunity came for me to get my own truck and begin sub-contracting and that’s how I started the business in 1993.”

From his first Palfinger crane, Tony says he has never had a reason to go looking anywhere else. “I have nothing but Palfingers in my fleet of cranes. A lot of people buy a product based on price, but at the end of the day, you need to look at reliability, service and the level of after sales service they can provide when you do have a problem,” he says. “Parts are always readily available and if there’s ever an issue, it’s easy to get it sorted out straight away.”

As a long-time customer and supporter of Palfinger, Tony has seen the impact that new technological advances have had in his day to day work first-hand. “In the last 10 years or so, cranes have really come a long way. There was a need to try to get the tare weight down so people could get bigger cranes on smaller trucks. My very first crane could only lift 600kg at 12 metres of reach. My newest Palfinger SH Series crane can lift 980kg at 14.4 metres, which is a huge difference – and it’s only about 180kg heavier,” he explains.

The Aboods fleet features a variety of cranes of various sizes. Tony is constantly on the lookout for new technology and innovation that enables him to deliver higher, safer levels of service to his customers. This has led to his business being among the first in Australia to purchase cranes from the revolutionary SH Series. At present, there are only around 20 of these cranes in use across the country – and three PK 18502 SH High Performance cranes belong to Tony.

“Every time a new safety feature becomes available, it’s important that we are straight onto it. It allows us to provide a high level of safety and service to both operator and customer. The SH Series is leaps and bounds ahead of anything else in the market in its category,” he says. “These cranes are very safe and user friendly. The radio remote has a dampening system, so when slewing or lifting up or down, if you let go of the control suddenly, the crane comes to a slow halt without jerking. With the electronic and hydraulic operation of the crane, you can easily operate two or three functions at once, without any task interfering with the other. The SH makes you look like the best crane operator out there because it’s so smooth. It’s very comfortable to operate, makes the job much safer. You can load or unload in half the time of some of the older cranes – but you never feel like you’re rushing.”

The latest SH crane to join the fleet, delivered in February 2019, has been fitted to the brand-new Kenworth T410, which joins the company’s impressive line-up of custom painted trucks, each of which is named after a family member. “There will be six prototypes of this truck being trailed in Australia and this will be the first one with a crane on it. It’s really exciting to be involved with this as it’s an Australian made vehicle manufactured in Bayswater, Victoria. It’s very hard to find a truck with the capabilities to run long distances and at the same time be nimble around town. The T410 gives us the light tare weight and nimbleness of a round-town truck with a perfect office for the driver to operate in, as well as the ability to tackle big distances with no fuss, so it gives us the best of both worlds.”

With much of Aboods’ operations centred around construction, and in particular delivering steel and wood roof trusses and structural steel, the cranes are often required to deliver heavy loads to tight spaces.

“In today’s housing market, estates are getting tighter, with smaller blocks and bigger houses. More often than not, we’re having to unload from the road, so we need a crane with a bit of muscle and reach. With these cranes, we can safely get the load on site, where we need to – that’s where the SH Series really comes into its own,” Tony concludes.

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