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Safety tips

  • From the April 2018 issue.
Safety tips

To promote improved safety and productivity gains on work sites throughout Victoria, heavy haulage business, DE Quarry Solutions, upgraded an A-trailer with an E-Plas QuickSilver tipper liner.

Situated 45 kilometres west of Ballarat, Victoria, Skipton Quarry supplies the surrounding areas with a full range of basalt and scoria products, which are used for a variety of applications including road works and construction projects.

With over 45-years experience in the road transport industry and materials handling, David Eldridge, Managing Director of DE Quarry Solutions, understands that he needs to adapt to service the on-site requirements of his customers. “Site access can be a challenge for us because businesses are rightfully critical of safety, and the last thing a foreman or site manager wants to see is an intimidating heavy vehicle that could present itself as a potential workplace hazard,” he says – explaining that site managers are particularly reluctant to allow tippers and B-double combinations onsite due to the potential risks associated with a raised tipper tray, especially during inclement weather.

To alleviate the concerns of his customers in the construction and civil engineering sectors, David spec’d an A-trailer with an innovative E-Plas QuickSilver tipper liner, which is a tipper liner manufactured from ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE), a lightweight substance that can outwear steel and aluminium, making the materials highly abrasion, temperature and corrosion resistant.

“The QuickSilver liner allows the A-trailer to unload completely at only two stages of elevation. This not only make the trailer combination more serviceable, but it also gets the job done faster while enabling a safer working environment,” he says – adding that he cannot emphasise enough how important the QuickSilver liner is for his materials handling operations. “To shift materials from an older-style tipper involved more than just tilting the tray. It was once considered standard operating procedure to elevate the tray at an incredibly steep angle and then either move the tipper or rely on vehicle operators to help shift materials. Fortunately, due to innovations in tipper liners, and trailer design, businesses are working smarter and safer while reaping the benefits of optimised productivity.”

David says that the materials that his fleet generally carts can be sticky, which can impact unload times and vehicle operator safety. “It was common for materials to compact or cling to the A-trailer tipper bed. In some cases, the driver would need to manually clean out the trailer to not only prevent cross-product contamination between freight tasks, but to also ensure the cargo space is clear for the next load. Now that the business is using an E-Plas QuickSilver liner, nothing sticks to the A-trailer interior surface, which is ideal because it improves loading and unloading timeframes and saves the driver the hassle of unnecessary maintenance work.”

According to David, due to the success of the QuickSilver tiper liner, it is now becoming the standard for his entire tipper fleet. “The QuickSilver tipper liner has provided DE Quarry Solutions with the competitive edge it needs to reassure clients that it is safer and more efficient to operate while working alongside our B-doubles. Due to the success of this trailer tray surface upgrade, it is now becoming a new standard.

Fast Fact
Killarney Lakes Transport Driver, Mark Cartlidge, says that his tipper trailer bed is lined with E-Plas QuickSilver, a superior surface protection coating that offers abrasion, temperature and corrosion resistance properties. The liner is made from a lightweight substance known as ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE).

Fas Fact
According to E-Plas Director, Lisa Marshall, tipper operators are better off fitting QuickSilver the moment a unit is purchased to counteract potential damage caused by the materials that are carted. “QuickSilver is a seamless floor liner that allows for every cargo to dump clean without any congestion and can handle any bulk load with ease,” she explains. Made from ultra high molecular weight polyethylene, Quicksilver can even outwear steel and aluminium. “The QuickSilver material weighs less than both steel and aluminium and is highly abrasion resistant,” Lisa says. “It’s versatile and durable enough to handle all climates and working environments whether it’s hot, humid, wet, dry, or freezing – and it will eventually protect the integrity of the entire application.”

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