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Service driven

  • From the January 2019 issue.
Service driven

At truck and trailer components supplier, JOST Australia, service, support, training and advice is all part of the comprehensive package provided to its customers, with no question too trivial.

Having been in operation since 1980, supported by its European parent company JOST Werke, JOST Australia has cemented its reputation as a key component supplier to the local heavy transport industry.

For close to four decades, JOST Australia has provided a broad range of components to Australian transport operators, with a product range that is tailored to the unique needs of the Australian market and environment.
With branches in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth, JOST Australia is well positioned to service the needs of fleet operators, dealerships and service centres across the nation; with each location offering sales, service and technical support. The company’s Melbourne and Sydney operations provide a fit-out service in addition to the standard offering.

“The service we provide to our customers is what sets JOST apart. That is something that’s not just unique to JOST Australia, but permeates across the company globally. This is what JOST does worldwide. It is part of our brand, our competitive advantage. We take a lot of pride and spend a lot of time in providing first rate support to our customers,” says Sam Ellis, Head Engineer at JOST Australia.

He joined the business in mid 2018, bringing with him an extensive background in automotive product development, including 16 years spent working as an engineer at car manufacturer Ford in both Germany and Australia.

Based in the Melbourne office, Sam wears many hats in his current role. “I act as a technical liaison back to our headquarters in Germany to convey the needs of the Australian market," he says. "I work as a liaison to customers in Australia to take in their demands and requirements and supply them with solutions. I’m also involved in quality assurance and many background operational tasks too."

In regards to service and maintenance, JOST Australia’s offering is quite broad. The company works closely with workshops, dealerships and large fleets to provide training on the operation of its products, together with correct maintenance procedures, and the sale of spare parts. JOST Australia also has a variety of different tools available to assist with the servicing and maintenance of its products. With all JOST and Rockinger couplings for example, service tools include a gauge for checking wear and tools to assist with dismantling. Additionally, technical information is easily available to customers such as instructions on mounting and maintenance.

Providing advice on the correct fitment and maintenance of its range is a key part of JOST Australia’s service. “We are there to provide advice when it comes to setting up and making sure vehicles are kitted out right. We are there to answer any questions, because if a customer asks for a part that isn’t compatible with the rest of the fleet, it makes it a lot more difficult for maintenance down the track. JOST can help customers to streamline their fleets and ensure components are working to their maximum efficiency so they work properly and last longer. When things do go wrong, we are there to get them back on the road as quickly as possible,” says Sam.

He adds that as a component supplier and service provider, it’s important for JOST Australia to maintain conversation with its customers. “We try and maintain open dialogue from our side, and welcome people to get in contact with us. It might seem like a silly question, but it’s always better to get the right answer than guess and get it wrong, even if the question seems trivial.”

JOST Australia employs skilled area managers to support all regions across Australia. In addition to their sales role, they also provide training to workshops and distributors. In response to the company’s continued growth, JOST Australia has now appointed its first National Training Manager. Bob Martin, who previously served as Branch Manager for Brisbane has transitioned into the newly created role which aims to further enhance the level of customer service. “As JOST has grown quite rapidly and each of the branches has grown in size, it’s important to ensure the training our staff receive is consistent and correct, so we can provide a uniform and quality service across Australia. Bob has a heap of industry experience and is the perfect man for the role,” says Sam.

“For JOST Australia, being there for our customers after the sale is very important. It’s not what we earn our money on but what we earn our reputation on. If we look after our customers, then they keep coming back,” explains Sam. “We have many customers that started out as small operations, and now 20 or 30 years later, they are running fleets of 20, 30 or 40 trucks or more. If we look after our customers and follow them on their journey, as their business grows, JOST can grow with them.”

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