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Shared values

  • From the April 2019 issue.
Shared values

The Drake Group recently fulfilled a large order of 12 items of trailing equipment for Centurion Transport. Both companies are family owned and appreciate the value of long-term partnerships.

The term partnership can be defined as an arrangement where parties, known as partners, agree to co-operate to advance their mutual interests. In other words, each party has a need which the other can fulfil and in doing so both benefit and flourish.

Provided each party continues to have the other’s best interests at heart, this often leads to a long-term relationship where loyalty is built and treasured. It can also lead to a culture of continual self-improvement as each strives to up the ante in order to meet or exceed the expectations of the other.

This seems an apt way to describe the connection between The Drake Group and one of its long-standing and highly-valued clients Centurion.

The Perth-based company was founded with one truck in 1971 by brothers Frank and Carl Cardaci. They named it Centurion to encapsulate their vision of one day owning and operating 100 trucks.

Yet what seemed a lofty goal at the time was surpassed not too many years later and today Centurion owns and operates more than 1,500 vehicle assets, travelling the distance to the moon and back every week providing essential goods for a number of industries and regions in Western Australia, the Northern Territory, South Australia and Queensland.

A big and growing part of the operation is heavy haulage for the mining and construction sectors which is the reason for Centurion’s recent order of one dozen pieces of rolling stock from The Drake Group.

The order consists of a pair of 4x4 full wideners, a pair of 2x4 dollies, a 6x8 steerable semi-modular platform trailer with a 3x8 steerable attachment, a 7x8 steerable semi-modular platform trailer with both a 3x8 steerable attachment and a 2x8 steerable attachment, a 3x4 tilt-slide trailer and a pair of 2x8 dollies.

According to The Drake Group General Manager, Khali Lake, each of the units has been specifically designed and configured to the client’s needs. This includes key design features such as custom deck sizes and ramp widths and lengths, as well as ancillary equipment including Bekamax auto greasing systems and radio remote control functionality for the steerable axles.

“The order was primarily to assist with the growing nature of Centurion’s business, especially the booming east coast operations, and to support the company’s extensive operations in Western Australia,” Khali explains.

The units were progressively delivered between September last year and January this year, testament to the production capabilities of The Drake Group, made possible by its skilled workforce and state-of-the-art production facilities.

Each of the units is configurable for a wide range of capacities in the diverse over-mass and oversize realms in which Centurion operates across mining, infrastructure, civil and construction spheres nation-wide.

“The Drake Group is a specialist engineering and manufacturing company that specialises in the design and construction of a range of trailers and related equipment across the general freight, heavy haulage, mining and specialty freight markets,” Khali continues. “The company has a long history of producing innovative and durable heavy haulage equipment configured to suit the exacting needs of clients like Centurion.” 

According to Khali, Centurion and Drake have had a close relationship for over 10 years, with both companies sharing a similar background and value system thanks to their family-owned status.
“Centurion is a great company to partner with,” he says. “They place a high value on relationship building and partnering with us to design and construct trailers that are eminently suitable for their growing operations.

“The Drake Group worked closely with Centurion’s Chief Executive Officer, Justin Cardaci, to bring this order together. Both companies are very similar; family built and owned, we value long term partnerships and have a mutual appreciation of all things transport. We fully understand the importance of quality, reliability and service.”

Justin Cardaci concurs, stressing that innovation is an essential component for successful heavy haulage operations.

“Our heavy haulage operations regularly deal with extreme conditions in remote areas and must also meet the many other challenges associated with transporting a wide variety of oversized equipment for our mining and resources clients,” Justin asserts. “To manage all this we look to our business partners like The Drake Group to supply us with equipment that is well up to the task and designed to go the distance in harsh operating environments.

“As an Australian-owned business, we are proud to support Australian manufacturers which makes our partnership with Drake a great fit. It’s of paramount importance that our equipment is durable and of cutting-edge design in order to be able to handle the often difficult terrain across both Queensland and Western Australia.”

Fast Fact
The strong business relationship between Centurion and The Drake Group stretches back more than a decade. Similar values stem from the family-founded and owned status of both companies.

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