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Shifting fuel focus

  • From the December 2018 issue.
Shifting fuel focus

When New South Wales–based fuel distributor, Kel Campbell, realised the importance of maximising payload and route access, it partnered with Tieman for its proven first-to-market and Performance-Based Standards tanker builds.

Founded in 1984 by the company’s namesake, Kel Campbell (KCPL), the fuel haulage contractor and Caltex distributor has expanded its operations over the years from its head office in Port Kembla to establishing depots in Moruya, Eden, Bombala and Goulburn as well as many retail outlets throughout. KCPL covers the southern areas of New South Wales including the Illawarra, Shoalhaven, Eurobodalla, Eden – Monaro, Bombala, Cooma, ACT, Goulburn, Yass, and Southern Highlands areas.

Today KCPL is headed by Managing Director, Tim Campbell, specialising in fuel and lube supply to retail, commercial, industry, transport, and farming clients. KCPL also specialise in fuel haulage contracting, transporting fuel to regions as far as Newcastle, Canberra, Yass, Bombala and Eden under the Kel Campbell Fuel Haulage banner.

KCPL have a wide range of vehicles to suit all delivery requirements, from large industry, transport, and retail sites, down to small farm deliveries and onsite refuelling. The fleet comprises a range of B-doubles, maxi tankers, smaller tandem axle tankers and rigid trucks. It also has various vehicles fitted with pumping gear for above ground deliveries. For lube deliveries, they have dedicated pack trucks and a bulk lube tanker.

KCPL’s latest fleet investments comprise two combinations from Tieman. One is a 20m B-double – the first in NSW to operate at higher Tier 3 levels, with a gross combination mass (GCM) of 63 tonnes. Tieman were first to market in Australia with the 20m B-double concept and this evolution to higher mass is a result of Tieman’s special focus on Performance-Based Standards and working with the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR), road owners and regulators around the country. Complete with a steer axle and bulk discharge pump, this flexible 20m B-double combination is carrying much more than standard 19m B-doubles and is proving its access through the addition of the Hendrickson steer axle.

The second new combination is a 33kl tandem axle ‘Fuel Shifter’, which is another first-to-market design introduced by Tieman over 15 years ago with the front of tanker mounted diesel and petrol hose reels. This latest model continues the evolution of a proven design and includes a steer axle and the latest ‘Swift’ pumping module by Liquip Vic.

This short ‘Fuel Shifter’ with a rear steer axle has a better swept path than an 8x4 rigid tank vehicle. The payload of the ‘Fuel Shifter’ is 70 per cent greater than the 8x4 rigid payload hence the efficiency of the truck and driver over an 8x4 truck is game-changing. The front of tanker mounted hose reels allows the driver to ‘nose’ close to the customer`s fuel storage tank meaning easier access to more locations. The shoulder height operation of the hose reel eliminates back bending and the hose reels are also fully protected from road grime and impact damage.

The new ‘Swift’ system by Liquip Vic allows easy to use pre-set gravity and pre-set bulk metered deliveries with tank gauging ensuring drivers stay on the ground.

Mel Read, Operations Manager for KCPL, says that she has worked closely with the Tieman team for over a decade on the development of job-specific tanker combinations that epitomise market-leading innovation matched with durable, quality components.

“Tieman is a PBS specialist and understands what the businesses needs to remain competitive,” she says. “The latest ‘Fuel Shifter’, for instance, is tailored for farm access and regional use with a tough yet lightweight Hendrickson suspension, and features tight manoeuvrability capabilities to ensure ease-of-use for our vehicle operators. On top of that, tanker capacity is maxed for optimal efficiency and  around 31kl of diesel payload.”

Mel says that KCPL’s tankers are all custom spec’d for specific jobs to ensure operational efficiency while providing customers with the best possible value. “Tieman proves time and time again that it is pushing the latest technologies and designs in the market. As a testament to the quality of Tieman’s tanker builds, we have never had an issue with them. For specialised, efficient fuel haulage, KCPL specifies Tieman.”

The fuel distributor market around Australia today sees many distributors doing their own line haul transport of fuel from terminal to depot or from terminals direct to customer storage tanks on industrial sites and farms, according to Colin Tieman, Director of Tieman Tankers.

“Our business has led the market with innovation on both the ‘Fuel Shifter’ concept and also the introduction of the 20m B-double concept,” he says. “We are proud to have partnered with KCPL. They are one of the industry leaders who understand what payload and driver efficiency and the introduction of innovation can do for their business.”

Fast Fact
The great benefit of a tandem axle `Fuel Shifter` over an 8x4 rigid is there are no future tank and pump equipment changeover costs. The tanker asset will outlast multiple truck changeovers making this the `lowest life` cost solution by far.

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