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Small scale disruption

  • From the February 2018 issue.
Small scale disruption

Advancements in technology have prompted some large-scale developments with potential to shake commercial road transport to its very core in the near future – but today’s disrupters like AppWeigh are already causing a stir.

The global commercial road transport industry is teeming with disruption, with even mainstream media taking note of the headline-grabbing progressions in autonomous and electric vehicles. However, these developments are still some years away from becoming commercially available. Instead, today’s disrupters are somewhat less visible to the public but still causing a stir in the transport industry thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT) phenomenon.

The IoT has created near-constant connectivity between everyday objects, with IoT companies like US-based SKT Technologies investigating ways to provide technology-based solutions for the transport industry. With professional backgrounds in new product development, software development, and vehicle electrical engineering, SKT has a uniquely focused set of skills and experience to quickly analyse and address complex problems facing the industry.

Already, SKT has developed a new generation of on-board scale technology called AppWeigh, an app-based system air suspension trucks and trailers that claims to be the first ‘No scale load scale’. “Using recent advances in sensor, smartphone, and Bluetooth technology, AppWeigh engineers and developers have eliminated all unnecessary hardware typically required for all other onboard scales,” AppWeigh explains. “With this new generation of onboard scale technology, AppWeigh is able to offer a reliable weight management system that is quick to install, easy to use, and more affordable than any other.”

The AppWeigh weight system consists of only a small, coin-battery powered sensor and fitting, with no other hardware needed, allowing for a quick and simple installation into the air suspension of a truck or trailer. “Because it is powered by its own internal battery, it requires no electrical wiring. In fact, it is such a simple installation that many of our customers are able to install it themselves in a matter of minutes,” AppWeigh says.

Using the free AppWeigh smartphone app, users are able to remotely view the weight of their truck or trailer anywhere within range of the installed AppWeigh sensor, without investing in expensive hardwired scale systems. This will allow for a quick and simple installation, without having to tap into a power source, which AppWeigh says can compromise the electrical integrity and warranty of transport equipment.

“We’ve taken advantage of cutting-edge technology to reduce the cost and complexity that has long been the downside of other scale systems,” says Scott McCulloch, Co-Founder and CEO of SKT Technologies. “This is the weight tool that has finally caught up with the needs of today’s tightly regulated commercial transport industry, providing an inexpensive and reliable tool that is intended for even the most tech-resistant users to benefit from.”

With the app launched on their smart device, the user can monitor the individual axle weights of their equipment as it would be on a public scale printout. With an accuracy within 110kg or better per axle group, the AppWeigh system also includes other easy-to-use features such as user defined weight load warnings, and the ability to send their weights via text or email. “Our individual backgrounds working in the trucking, software, and hardware engineering fields have been the perfect lead-up to our involvement with this product,” says Kelly McBeain, Co-Founder and COO of SKT Technologies.

In this case, it’s the smaller developments that are available right now – and at competitive prices – that will shake up the way we view weighing systems. Though mostly hidden away from the mainstream media, advancements like AppWeigh will undoubtedly be a disruption on its own scale.

Fast Fact
All AppWeigh data can be seen in the app in real-time and is securely stored on the cloud, where a complete history of weight data can be accessed online to help track the efficiency of anything from one truck to an entire fleet.

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