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Standing up to the challenge

Standing up to the challenge

For earthmoving transport specialist, Nodtrans Heavy Haulage, reliability means everything. For its latest 3x4 Drake deck widener trailer, the business opted for BPW axles, based on the product’s durability and proven reputation.

Based in Camden in Sydney’s south-west, Nodtrans is run by owner operator, Matthew Donohoe – or Noddy as he is known by. Matthew has had a passion for trucking from a young age, inspired by his grandfather and uncle, who also operated trucks.

“My family has a history in trucks. It’s one of those things, once it’s in your blood, you can’t escape it. When I left school I started driving machines until I was old enough to get a truck license. That was 13 years ago and I’ve been driving trucks ever since,” Matthew says, who started Nodtrans just over two years ago.

In early June this year, he welcomed an impressive new trailer combination – a 3x4 deck widener trailer, 3x8 Swingwing trailer and 2x8 dolly, all built by Brisbane-based, heavy haulage trailer specialist,
Drake Trailers.

Since being delivered, the new trailer set has been travelling up and down the highways, transporting earthmoving equipment throughout Sydney, wider New South Wales, and even interstate.

On the 3x4 deck widener, Matthew insisted on BPW axles. The trailer features a self-tracking rear axle and hydraulic suspension. “I knew BPW axles were the right choice for me because of their service life, reputation and the overall name they have in the industry,” he says.

“When I was working as a company driver, some of the trailers I had towed had BPW axles and they never had any dramas. A few other people I know have always stuck with BPW and they too have never had any issues, so it was the only choice for me really. The trailer could have been fitted with other brands but I knew BPW was the better option for me.

“In the past, I’ve found that BPW axles have lasted quite well. One of the trailers I started out with is still out and about on the road with the same BPW axles on it. I’m confident that these axles will give me a trouble-free run too. When it comes to BPW axles, you know that so long as you do your routine maintenance, they are going to work for years and have a long service life.”

The self tracking rear axle was incorporated into the trailer’s design for added maneuverability. “The trailer has 1.8 metre axle spacings and runs on an oversize permit, so I thought a rear steerable axle was a good option to reduce tyre wear. I’m finding I can get into a lot more tight spaces, a lot easier. And the way it tracks out on the road is unbelievable. The trailer doesn’t duck all over the road. When I look at the mirrors, the trailers are always dead straight,” explains Matthew.

He worked closely with both Drake and BPW Transpec to make sure the BPW axles he chose were the right fit for the job.

In addition to the quality of the product, the level of back-up service offered was another important consideration for Matthew.

“As an owner operator, I need to have equipment I know is reliable. Having access to parts and having a service centre close by is a definite advantage. If you ever do have any dramas, you know you’ve got someone there to help and you aren’t going to get mucked around. Everyone in the industry knows the BPW product, so you can get parts when you need them, straight away, so you aren’t kept off the road. In transport, time off the road is a killer. There is that much competition out there that if you let your customers down, you’ve done your dash so you need to have equipment that can go to work and won’t let you down.”

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