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Stanley completes the rigid picture

  • From the June 2016 issue.
Stanley completes the rigid picture

A rigid body is only as good as the sum of its parts. That’s the belief of Stanley Engineered Fastening, which plays a valuable role in every rigid body built by Alltruck Bodies.

Stanley Engineered Fastening has all the characteristics that make an invaluable supplier to the commercial road transport industry: It boasts a catalogue of indispensible products and the tools to install them, as well as the aftermarket service to back it all up.

All those characteristics bode well for high-volume body builders like Dandenong-based Alltruck Bodies, which manufactures hundreds of rigid bodies annually using Stanley’s Pop Avdel Monobolts and Camtainers and considers the supplier an unofficial team member.

“We have been using Stanley Monobolts and rivets for more than 20 years,” says Russell Gordon, General Manager of Alltruck Bodies. “They are a key components of our build process and hold our FRP and Colorbond Vans together.” 

According to Russell, the fact that both businesses are situated in Melbourne’s south-east is only part of the reason the union between them has lasted so long. “The results from using Pop Avdel Monobolts and Camtainers were so successful that we are now using them exclusively in all our bodies,” he says. “We cannot afford to use an inferior product and in all this time we have not had a product fail. The quality and reliability of Stanley’s products is the best in the world in our opinion.

“The rivets, nuts and bolts provide exceptional sealing on any of the bodies they’re fastened to. They’re also tamper and corrosion-resistant. The products are easy to fit as well and don’t require us to use multiple tools, which improves our efficiency for each build and lifts our productivity overall.”

Stanley’s products are so well manufactured that they can be used as soon as they arrive at the shop, says Russell. “Customer orders will dictate how many parts we source from Stanley. During the busy periods, if we are building a group of FRP vans that need to be delivered within a matter of weeks, we’ll call Stanley and give them the information. Within a day or two, the parts will arrive on site. But generally, orders are placed weekly and there has never been an issue with Stanley’s supply process.”

Additionally, Stanley’s understanding of Alltruck’s operation and its objectives has also strengthened the relationship over time. “What has stood out about Stanley wasn’t just the competitive prices, but their commitment to helping our business become one of the largest providers of rigid bodies in Australia,” he says. “Even after so many years, Stanley will always make it a point to keep us in the loop with any new developments and products. Like the Alltruck Bodies business, Stanley goes out of its way to look after its clients.”

Russell concludes, “We would classify Stanley’s service as very proactive. The parts it supplies aren’t readily noticeable when the vehicles are on the road, but we know how valuable Stanley’s Monobolts and Camtainers are in keeping the bodies structurally sound and providing a strong and durable foundation for the vehicles to perform at a high level.”

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