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Steelbro’s intermodal solution

  • From the November 2012 issue.
Steelbro’s intermodal solution

Perth-based rental specialist, Rentco, is renowned for a strong emphasis on quality and service, demanding the same level of commitment from every single part of the supply chain. New Zealand’s Steelbro met the brief.

As one of the country’s most renowned experts in transport equipment rental, running Australia's most extensive truck and trailer rental equipment range, Rentco’s mantra is to provide premium material at any time, anywhere.

“We are in the business of providing the right equipment for the job wherever and whenever it may be needed,” says Managing Director, Bob Shier. “That’s why we need to run the best, most up-to-the-minute fleet in Australia and ensure that it is perfectly serviced at all times, ready to go out and get the job done when we get the call.”

According to Bob, the key to success is pro-active fleet management. “Being able to provide the best quality equipment on the spot is a huge challenge, so we try to have a large enough fleet to ensure there is always equipment available for rent. But that’s only the first step. We also back up our rental offering by providing industry-leading support, which is just as important,” says Bob –revealing that co-operating with NZ brand Steelbro is just a logical result of that mission statement. “When it comes to service, Steelbro and Rentco speak the same language. We believe strongly in great customer service, and place safety at the forefront of everything we do. These are two principles which Steelbro also do business by.

“We have been using Steelbro equipment since the early days and since built a strong relationship with the team in Christchurch and Australia. Currently, we have 27 units operating throughout Australia,” he explains, pointing out that Rentco’s on-going success would also boost the Steelbro business.

Expanding on the company’s impressive 1500-piece fleet, Rentco has recently taken delivery of eight additional side lifters made by Steelbro, upgrading to the latest SB362 model. “The strength of the product, coupled with a range of safety features and proven reliability, simply made us go back to Steelbro again and again. They have been producing a very good product for a long time and the new design is proving a dependable tool for the everyday working environment. It’s a triple-win situation for us, our clientele, and Steelbro.”

From an outside point of view, that strong working relationship could be taken as somewhat odd, as Steelbro and Rentco are competing in the same market. “We are trying to hire equipment to an industry that Steelbro is selling to,” says Bob.  “To make everyone happy, it is vitally important to have a strong relationship so we can both achieve our common business goals.”

In fact, Steelbro even helped Rentco open up new business opportunities, as Steelbro equipment allowed the WA business to expand into the intermodal market. “Our side lifters are now being used as an important intermodal solution at remote operations such as Barrow Island in WA’s northwest and Groote Eylandt in the Gulf of Carpentaria,” he says.

Rentco’s clientele also use Steelbro side lifters for container handling, stacking and delivery, and to assist with local storage and distribution. According to Bob, the key to successfully servicing such a variety needs is a combination of the right equipment and a personal, hands-on approach. “Our personal approach allows us to sense what the market is really crying out for,” he explains. “But to really utilise that knowledge, we also need partners that can build and deliver the right equipment.”

But, the 120-people powerhouse is not only growing the side lifter segment. “The mining sector is booming at the moment, demanding a lot of trailing gear. We’re trying to get as much equipment as we can, especially in the general transport segment. The growth is quite massive,” says Bob, predicting a bright future for the Rentco brand. “Especially the Darwin region is becoming an important area for us, so it’s crucial we keep offering the best service.

“At Rentco we take great pride in solving our customers’ problems by supplying quality equipment on a short, medium, or long term basis. We back all of our equipment with highly skilled personnel to ensure that our customers receive industry-leading support, no matter where they are operating within Australia. Our key partners need to fully commit to that philosophy.”

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