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Sticky situation

  • From the February 2019 issue.
Sticky situation

Carting a variety of products with high moisture content for its mining clients, Qube’s Bulk division in the port city of Bunbury, Western Australia, sought a solution that would prevent its loads from sticking. The solution came in the form of the QuickSilver floor liner from E-Plas, which has helped to ensure its loads slide out with ease.

Part of Qube Holdings, one of Australia’s largest integrated providers of import and export logistics, Qube Bunbury provides support to various mining companies within the region. It operates a fleet of 30 B-doubles, which are used to cart a variety of products including things like lithium and heavy mineral concentrate, which are wet and notorious for sticking.
“The moisture content in what we cart is way above the standard so there were issues with product hang up,” explains Glenn Gibson, Operations Manager South West at Qube Bunbury.

Around four years ago, after investigating a possible solution to its sticky situation, the business decided to test out the QuickSilver liner on six B-doubles servicing the Greenbushes Lithium Operations for global lithium producer Talison Lithium. “We cart around 600,000 tonne of wet product for them and since fitting the QuickSilver liners, we’ve had no issue with product hang up. So from there, we began using the liners for other products we cart. Since we applied the QuickSilver liner there has been a marked difference. Now it doesn’t matter how wet the product is, it slides out without a problem,” Glenn adds, revealing that 24 trailers in the Bunbury fleet have now been fitted with the QuickSilver product.

“A lot of other liners in the market are wear plates. Though the QuickSilver liner also stops wear, its main purpose is to reduce friction. We had tried other liners but believe the QuickSilver is the best for what we wanted to achieve. On one of the trailer combinations carting lithium, we actually took video footage before and after the liner was fitted and the difference was amazing.”

The QuickSilver liner was developed by global plastics company Quadrant. E-Plas is the authorised Australian distributor for the innovative trailer liner. It is made from ultra high molecular weight polyethylene, which according to E-Plas can outwear steel and aluminium. Its seamless, smooth surface helps to ensure a smooth unloading process for tipper applications by eliminating catch points. As the QuickSilver liner helps loads to easily slide out of the tipper body, the trailer can be completely unloaded at a reduced tipping angle, as Glenn also attests.

“Without the liner, we can go up to five stages of the hoist before the load is completely ejected. With the QuickSilver liner, the load is out by around the third stage,” he says.

“We’ve had excellent feedback from our clients too so it’s a win-win. It gives them added confidence when we are carting into their sites.”

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