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Strength to strength

  • From the March 2019 issue.
Strength to strength

When manufacturing a trailer, ensuring optimum structural strength is a must. According to Arconic, manufacturer of the Huck® range of fasteners and lock bolts, the resulting strength of a trailer is highly dependent on the strength of the fasteners used during the manufacturing process.

When the Huck® brand was founded by Louis Huck over 60 years ago, he designed his fasteners to stand up to the issue of coping with extreme stress and vibration, providing strength, and facilitating lighter, stronger and more durable builds. Founded on this philosophy, the Huck® Bolt has become an important part of Arconic’s fastener product range, particularly for Australia’s road transport industry.

“The structural strength of any trailer is dependent upon how strong the fasteners are themselves. Huck fasteners consistently provide proven joint strength, vibration-resistance and overall durability to a variety of common trailer assembly applications,” says Les Dioguardi, Business Development Manager at Arconic Fastening Systems.

Some of the typical applications where Huck provide these types of benefits are in the cross members, trailer joints, ladder attachments, top rails, grain chutes, trailer floors, chassis/sub-frame assemblies and metal-clad panels. 

In addition to the high strength and vibration-resistance of Huck fasteners are also maintenance-free. Because installation is done by tension rather than torque, there is no need for the bolts to ever be tightened. With the trusted name Huck and multi-decades of road transport experience, a trailer assembled with genuine Huck fasteners represents a superior value product as well as a selling feature.

Huck’s pre-assembled, one-piece blind fasteners are ideal for applications where access is only possible from one side of the joint material. The blind fastener is placed in a pre-drilled hole and is installed by using an installation tool to pull the mandrel or pin head into the rivet body, expanding the rivet body and causing it to flare on the blind side of the joint material. This creates a permanent and vibration resistant fastening. Installation is typically complete in seconds.

In the fastening world, clamp is the end game. And consistent clamp is the ultimate goal. Despite conventional wisdom, torque on regular nuts and bolts does not deliver consistent clamp. And when you don’t have consistent clamp, you risk bolt failure. The tightest bolt can end up doing the work of four or five bolts, and as a result structural integrity is compromised and can finally fail.

When Huck® Bolts are applied with direct tension, consistent clamp is guaranteed time after time. Huck performed a series of tests on a variety of conventional nuts and bolts and found that even when torque is consistent, clamp isn’t. Friction, in the form of dust, heat and other elements you don’t see, get in the way, resulting in inconsistent clamp. So, for consistent clamp, a more secure joint and better peace-of-mind, Huck fasteners with direct tension installation are the answer.

The automotive industry has revealed plans to transition into hose-less installation tools in the future. Most fasteners that are used in the manufacture of trucks, trailers and cars are installed hydraulically or pneumatically. These tools are burdened by air lines or hydraulic hoses. The new Huck® Range Force battery tool is unencumbered by hoses, allowing the operator complete freedom of movement around a work piece or around the whole factory.

Fast Fact
Due to the superior joining performance of Huck fasteners, many fleet maintenance groups rely on these fasteners when repairing key high-stress areas on both trucks and trailers in order to maintain the reliability and structural integrity of the repaired vehicle.

Huck hand tool profile
Huck range battery tools are industrial-strength, portable powerhouses for wide-range applications. Arconic has joined forces with Makita to supply industry-leading performance with electronically adjustable installation pull force that ranges from 0 to 4,5000 lbf for the BV4500-118 or 0 to 2,200 lbf for the BV2200-118.

• Electronically adjustable pull force control.
• Designed for Huck installation noses.
• Compatible with other Makita 18V batteries.
• High pull force and long stroke enable installation of both structural and non-structural rivets, and up to 1/4” two-piece HuckBolt fasteners.

Pulling Force:
• BV4500-118 adjusts 0 to 4,500 lbf (20 kN).
• BV2200-118 adjusts 0 to 2,200 lbf (20 kN).

Capacity: 3/16” (4.8 mm) – 1/4” (6.4 mm).

Stroke Length: 1.18” (30 mm).

Set yourself free from hoses!

For more information:
Les Dioguardi
Arconic Fastening Systems
Clayton Business Park
1508 Centre Road
Clayton VIC 3168
Ph: 0437 093 135

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