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Sweating the assets

  • From the March 2019 issue.
Sweating the assets

JBG Contractors is a privately-owned civil construction firm based at Albion Park Rail, just south of Wollongong. The company recently took delivery of two Sloanebuilt truck and quad-axle dog combinations fitted with BPW disc brake axles and suspension, Edbro hoists and Ringfeder air-release couplings.

Business is booming in the civil construction sphere and riding the crest of the wave are companies such as JBG Contractors, an establishment with over 30 years of experience in civil works, demolitions and asbestos removal in greater Sydney and the south coast region of New South Wales.

A little further south, near Nowra, is the location of JBG Contractors’ sister company, South Coast Concrete Crushing & Recycling (SCCCR), which is a key player in the environmentally-savvy process of recycling a range of materials that in earlier times would have ended up in landfill sites. This operation is located at a quarry which the company has owned for the past 20 years and from which it also extracts natural resources to be used on various construction projects.

For the last decade SCCCR has carefully honed the process of blending reclaimed products – including bricks, tiles, concrete and asphalt – with natural resources to produce high quality cost-effective alternative construction materials.

Both businesses were founded by John Green, with his son Budd later joining JBG Contractors and working his way up to his current role as General Manager of both companies.

It is into these two complimentary operations, JBG Contractors and SCCCR, that two new Mercedes-Benz 2658 tippers hauling Performance-Based Standards (PBS) approved quad-axle dog trailers with gross combination masses of 56.5 tonnes have been commissioned. The tipper bodies and trailers are manufactured by Sloanebuilt Trailers, located at Smeaton Grange in the south-western rim of Sydney.

“At the moment we’re running 15 truck and dog combinations and a range of earthmoving and plant equipment,” Budd explains. “We service a large area of NSW, north to Newcastle, west to Wagga Wagga and down to Eden on the far south coast.”

A proportion of the truck and dog fleet consists of cab-over trucks which Budd believes is the most suitable configuration for this line of work.  

“We like the cab-over turning circle – a lot of places to which we deliver products from our quarry have pretty tight access,” he explains.

Being the first of their kind to join the SCCCR fleet, the two new Mercedes-Benz 2658 trucks in the latest order mark a significant change for the company which also operates a number of heavy-duty Japanese tipper and dog units.

Budd cites a comprehensive suite of safety equipment, ample power and top-shelf driver comfort of the Mercs as key features assisting in the company’s quest for maximum productivity and driver retention.

By the same token, these desirable attributes are replicated by the Sloanebuilt bodies and trailers equipped with a number of components supplied by BPW Transpec including BPW disc brake axles, Edbro hoists and Ringfeder air-release couplings.

“We were very happy with the advice and support Sloanebuilt offered upfront and we could see the value in going with the options and features they recommended,” Budd says. 

“The disc brakes with electronic braking system (EBS) on the trailers are fully compatible with the braking systems on the trucks and having the on-board scales that weigh each axle group in the combination helps us ensure we are running legal at all times.

“The build quality and finish of the Sloanebuilt gear is really impressive and we also appreciate the strong yet light BPW axles which help minimise the tare weight, thus optimising payload capacity. Another worthwhile feature is the QuickSilver bin liner which prevents wear of the floors and speeds up the unloading process,” Budd adds.

A technologically advanced component of the new units that assists in the process of unhitching the trailers is the Ringfeder 303 AUS AM/RL coupling which features air retraction of the pin. Most tipper and dog operators know the frustration associated with hand-release couplings when the pin refuses to budge. Sometimes it even takes another person to pull the lever while the driver rocks the truck to take the weight off the pin.

With the Ringfeder 303 AUS AM/RL it’s simply a matter of plugging the unit’s air line into the trailer air supply socket which applies a force of 3kN to the coupling pin. Then once back in the cab the driver releases the maxi brakes and, if necessary, rocks the truck slightly and the pin automatically retracts thanks to the air pressure. Once this happens and the truck has been driven forward the driver removes the air hose from the air supply and puts it back in its holder. This innovation has the potential to reduce workplace injury due to the aforementioned issue with manually operated couplings.

Budd Green expects the new trailers will each provide 10 years of reliable service in the fleet, helping the company achieve its goals of providing outstanding customer service at a fair price.

“We’ve always tried to adopt the latest technology in the equipment we use to ensure the utmost quality in the products and services we provide,” he says.

“We believe these new truck and dog combinations, with the latest and most advanced design and components, will enable us to continue to meet or exceed the demands of our customers while ensuring the sustainability of our businesses.”

Fast Fact
BPW Transpec supplies a comprehensive suite of quality trailer components including BPW disc brake axles and suspension, Edbro hoists and Ringfeder couplings including the latest 303 AUS AM/RL unit with an air release pin.

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