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Tasman Logistics Services specifies PBS A-double skels from Krueger

  • From the May 2019 issue.
Tasman Logistics Services specifies PBS A-double skels from Krueger

For Tasman Logistics Services, recent changes to access limits on nearby roads has opened the doors to higher productivity vehicles. Taking advantage of this, the business has purchased its first Performance-Based Standards combinations – two 30-metre A-double skels built by Krueger Transport Equipment.

A multimodal transport and logistics provider, Tasman delivers freight via road, rail and sea. It is headquartered in the suburb of Brooklyn, which is also its main road transport hub; and operates an additional three facilities in Melbourne, and one in Launceston, Tasmania.

To cater to its diverse service offering, Tasman runs a 350-strong fleet of trailers, including everything from skels, side loaders and tautliners, to low loaders for heavy haulage. “At Tasman, we run pretty much all types of trailers. Our motto is that we don’t say no to freight and we will find a way to do it better than the next guy,” saysIvan Vanis, CEO at Tasman.

The vast majority of trailers in the fleet bear the Krueger name – according to Ivan, Krueger supplies up to 80 per cent of the trailer fleet. “We have been working with Krueger for 16 years and have developed a great relationship with the guys there. We pretty much only purchase from Krueger, with the exception of our low loaders, which they don’t build – if Krueger can build it, we’ll buy it off them,” says Ivan.

Container transport makes up a large part of Tasman’s operations, with the business handling anywhere from 300-400 container movements a day. Tasman runs approximately 110 skel trailers, which largely operate between the company’s depots and the Port of Melbourne, running 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

While it’s no secret that innovative higher productivity vehicles like the A-double are resulting in major efficiency gains for container transport businesses, Tasman wasn’t able to take advantage of this – until now. “The reason we haven’t purchased A-doubles previously is because in Brooklyn, where we are based, we weren’t able to access many of the roads with these sorts of vehicles. A lot of the containers we carry are heavy, and now with higher mass limits in the area, we can start introducing A-doubles into our fleet,” explains Ivan.

According to Ivan, Tasman, along with various other transport businesses within the area, had been pushing for higher mass limits within the region for some time, before access was granted 12-18 months ago.
“We also had to make some changes to our facilities to allow for the bigger vehicles, such as widening the gates, and that’s all happened now too,” Ivan says.

Able to operate at up to 85.5 tonne, the new PBS-approved Krueger A-doubles are set to deliver big efficiency gains. To ensure maximum payload is achieved, Krueger designed the A-doubles to be lightweight yet robust, reducing the tare weight by 500-600kg. Tasman reveals that these combinations will save the equivalent of about 10 trips a day, per trailer. “As the fleet grows, that saving will become quite substantial,” adds Ivan. “We’ve already purchased two A-doubles and have plans to purchase another two from Krueger in coming months. We’re definitely planning to continue adding to our A-double fleet. I envisage us having up to 10 of these within the next 18 months.”

As with any transport business, the reliability and durability of equipment is crucial to ensure it can meet the needs of its customers. As Ivan attests, Krueger has continued to meet and exceed his expectations. “It’s a mixture of service and product quality that we look for and we’ve remained loyal to that with Krueger,” he says.

“We have in-house trailer mechanics that inspect our new trailers to make sure they are all spick and span and we’ve never had any issues with those supplied by Krueger. With Krueger, it’s a strong relationship that’s set in stone. It’s the kind of relationship we like, where if something ever goes wrong – which rarely happens – we can pick up the phone and have it sorted straight away. We’ve tried some other brands and been let down. We’ve been loyal to Krueger for 16 years now so I think that tells the story itself.”

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