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The impact of Arrow’s new Super B-double

  • From the December 2016 issue.
The impact of Arrow’s new Super B-double

Taking the simple, but effective approach to its container transport service, Melbourne-based Arrow is now rolling out two new quad-quad Super B-double combinations from Vawdrey.

In Victoria’s competitive and busy wharf cartage industry, using more efficient means to transport containerised cargo has become a clear priority for transport provider, Arrow Transport Logistics & Quarantine Services. Now completing just its fifth year of operation, Arrow has added two Vawdrey-built Performance-Based Standards (PBS) approved Super B-double skel combinations to its fleet.

For the young, progressive transport business, the latest additions will allow Arrow to carry more containers, but with less running costs. “Our goal since opening in 2011 has been to reduce the amount of single truck movements, fuel and maintenance costs,” says Craig Webster, General Manager of Arrow.

“Instead of using two trucks to carry two 40-foot containers, we can send in a Super B-double to carry both, saving both time and money. More importantly, we expect these combinations to help us achieve a greater Return On Investment.”

Arrow is no stranger to both Vawdrey and PBS equipment, having purchased two of the trailer builder’s A-double skel combinations in 2014. In doing so, Arrow became the first Victorian transport business to use that particular configuration in the State.

According to Craig, the success of the PBS A-doubles prompted him to come back to Vawdrey in early 2016. The objective this time was to carry two 40-foot containers over the Maribyrnong River and in and out of the Port of Melbourne with an increased mass of 77.5 tonnes.

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