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  • From the March 2018 issue.
The leading edge

To assure trailer build quality and longevity, original equipment manufacturers across Australia source high-strength wear and structural steel materials from SSAB.

Graham Weatherhog, Operations Manager at Shephard Transport Equipment, has worked with SSAB for over 15 years; frequently incorporating the global steel specialist’s Hardox 450 wear plates into its mining and transport equipment designs from its facility in Larapinta, Queensland.

“Nine out of 10 Shephard Transport Equipment trailer builds feature SSAB materials,” Graham says enthusiastically – explaining that Shephard Transport Equipment has been a member of the Hardox In My Body (HIMB – see breakout box) program for the past five years.

“Since using SSAB’s steel in our trailer builds, there has been no reported equipment failures from the fleets we have supplied,” Graham says. “Hardox 450 is rigorously tested and refined by SSAB and it really shows in the end-result because I have never seen a fault with the product.”

Graham also elaborates on SSAB’s technical support, emphasising the importance of being up-to-date with the latest innovations and technical trends.

In addition to utilising Hardox wear plates, Shephard Transport Equipment also invests in SSAB’s Strenx performance steels, which are high-tensile structural steel products that the OEM uses to reinforce its side-tippers and trailer bodies, making them lighter and stronger.

“It is SSAB’s technical support that really opened our eyes to how versatile the specialised steel is,” Graham says. “SSAB shares all technical specifications and in-house tests results with HIMB members, which is important for choosing materials that are optimised for specific practical applications. This saves us time, money and resources while providing our customers with high quality equipment that is specified for heavy-duty use with long-term performance and durability gains.”

Meanwhile, in Spring Farm, New South Wales, the team at Adco Trailers has sourced SSAB steel for almost a decade.

Alex Fail, Director at Adco Trailers, says that his team has used SSAB’s Strenx 700 performance steel (see breakout box), Hardox wear plate and similar products since it founded its trailer-building operations, nine-and-a-half years ago.

“A customer originally specified SSAB’s high-tensile steel for a large-volume scrap metal bin,” Alex says – stating that ever since, he has decided to use SSAB products as a standard across the business – as a point-of-difference, separating Adco Trailers from other OEMs that only use aluminium and standard manufacturing materials.

“Every one of our trailer builds has to stand out, whether its intended purpose is to support excavation earthworks or to be used in the scrap metal industry,” Alex says. “To ensure that our trailers are suitable for heavy-duty use, while providing owner-drivers with the versatility they need to make a good investment, I joined HIMB and have followed SSAB’s developments closely.”
Alex explains that Adco Trailers also manufactures rigid bodies and truck and dog combinations that are reinforced with SSAB’s Strenx performance steel. “I work with fleets that need road transport equipment that will endure heavy, industrial use. Rather than use stock materials to do the job, Adco Trailers invests in SSAB’s suite of specialised steel offerings, including its structural steel products, to provide all-round high quality.”

By aligning their businesses with SSAB’s solid reputation as a reliable and highly-specialised steel provider, Shephard Transport Equipment and Adco Trailers continue to supply road transport equipment that is durable and versatile.

Fast Fact
The Hardox In My Body (HIMB) program features SSAB steel products that provide exceptional wear resistance and unsurpassed impact toughness to add value and durability to commercial road transport equipment. Leading manufacturers whose products meet SSAB’s quality requirements are granted licenses to put the Hardox In My Body logo on their products. These companies have extensive knowledge of steel properties and they fully understand the advantages of Hardox products and continuously apply this knowledge to their product development.

Fast Fact
Specialist global steel manufacturer, SSAB, has recently developed Hardox 500 Tuf, a new wear plate for tipper bodies, buckets and containers that the company says can further increase the service life of heavy-duty equipment. “Hardox 500 Tuf has superior wear and dent resistance, offering increased service life and the ability to withstand heavy impact.” The higher hardness can alternatively be used to reduce the thickness and weight of the machinery even further.

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