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The low down

  • From the January 2018 issue.
The low down

Supporting its pursuit for quality gear and exceptional service, Waverley Fork lifts has ordered tilt trays and trailers directly from CTE - Custom Transport Equipment for over a decade, optimising its fleet with custom spec’d trailers.

Distribution centres throughout Victoria are expanding at a rapid pace, partly due to e-commerce disruption and increasing demand for storing imported goods locally*. As the transport and logistics industry grows, so too does warehouse infrastructure. With rising pallet stacks and other specialised storage solutions, materials handling operators are reaching new heights with innovative gear that provides the mechanical advantage they need to get the job done.

One prominent organisation that has been immersed in logistics support in Victoria since the 1970s is Waverley Fork Lifts (WFL Transport). The family-owned business has a legacy that dates back to the late 1800s (see breakout box), and continues to adapt its fleet to best serve the needs of businesses that use forklifts and access equipment for hire.

Robert English, Transport Manager for WFL Transport, has said that the company has been able to adjust to modern trends in third-party logistics by engaging the services of CTE - Custom Transport Equipment Owner, Darren Cook.

“I have known Darren since 1999,” Robert says. “Darren was involved with manufacturing the company’s first tilt slide in 2000, which is still operational to this day and was designed for transporting electric reach trucks and forklifts.”

WFL Transport currently has eight custom CTE tilt trays and two CTE tag trailers in its fleet, and also has one currently in build. WFL Transport uses CTE to fit out its prime movers with Power Take-Off (PTO) hydraulics and toolboxes, plus CTE also carries out any trailer modifications and maintenance required. It is expected that WFL Transport will be placing additional orders for tilt trays early next year with CTE.

“The new CTE tilt trays demonstrate positive growth for the company,” Robert says. “Also, in collaboration with Darren, we have worked together for weeks at a time to custom design tilt trays and trailers.”

The Ultra Low 4x2 tilt slide is the latest CTE tilt tray to join the WFL Transport fleet. Designed to transport forklifts with a collapsed height of 3.7m, it also has a six-tonne load capacity and 900mm tray height.

“Deck height for WFL Transport is everything,” says Robert. “In consultation with Darren and CTE, we aim to develop trailer and tilt tray builds as low as possible because WFL Transport requires tilt trays with good load angles, especially when carting tall electric forklifts.”

Forklift transportation is only about 40-50 per cent of the company’s freight task, so WFL Transport needs tilt trays that are designed for multiple purposes.

“In addition to running forklifts for hire throughout Melbourne and regional Victoria, there is also significant demand for shifting site sheds, earthmoving equipment, the occasional car and caravan, as well as all types of access equipment including boom lifts and scissor lifts for the civil engineering and construction sectors.

“I enjoy working with Darren because he has a similar work ethic, is committed to providing quality equipment and exceptional customer service,” he says. “WFL Transport and CTE have established a strong professional relationship that continues to grow and develop. With access to customised trailers and tilt trays, and ongoing technical support, the company is well-positioned for continual growth and change in the industry.”

Fast Fact
Before it was known as Waverley Fork Lifts in the 1970s, the Schwerkolt family started a transport business in Victoria, 1895, initially transporting goods by horse and years later with trucks. The company operates to this day with the ethos ‘Machine on time, in perfect order, transported safely’.

*Source: Deloitte report: Positioning for prosperity? Catching the next wave.

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