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Lucar unveils expansion plan

  • From the October 2012 issue.
Lucar unveils expansion plan

Established half a century ago by Don Gray, Lucar Cargo Van is a family-owned business that has gained a solid repute for building long-lasting, quality trailing equipment. To cement that position in the market, the company has now announced an ambitious expansion plan.

After being locked in a long-term leasing contract, Lucar Cargo Van has recently been able to purchase the company premises in the Melbourne suburb of Reservoir, paving the way for a long-anticipated expansion course that will see the brand invest in additional production capacity.

“The day has finally come where we can modernise and alter our building to best suit the needs of a forward-thinking, growing business,” says Managing Director, Mercedes Gray. “In the past, we have been busy upgrading the existing building and equipment where possible. For instance, we have replaced the overhead crane system and installed a state-of-the-art spray booth, but we soon realised we needed more space to accommodate our production for future growth.”

The end of the long-term leasing contract has now marked the beginning of a new “era of growth”, according to Mercedes, who is supported by Paul Keogh and Robert Eppel, who have more than 60 years experience between them.

“New buildings fitted out with overhead cranes are already awaiting approval, and we hope to start phase one of the renovation before Christmas,” she says – pointing out that there will be three main areas of structural change, with the third and largest construction taking place once the other buildings are complete and functional.

“Of course we have to take our production schedule into account when planning the expansion. There is no doubt that there will be some inconvenience, but with strategic planning this will be at a minimum. The team at Lucar are looking forward to our new buildings, as we are convinced they will move us forward into the future.”

According to Mercedes, one of the few female executives in the industry, the brand’s expansion will not affect trailer production or pricing. “We are happy to say that we have not increased our prices but actually reduced them – even though the Carbon Tax is weighing heavy on the entire industry. At Lucar, we do not want to pass on that burden to our clientele.”

However, there has been one small setback when news spread that Lucar equipment was being de-branded, with all logos and badges being removed. “Why someone would want to de-brand a van is a mystery, unless the intent is to replace the Lucar branding with something else. Hence we would like to stress that there is only one Lucar, and we are happy to support our clientele by replacing missing logos free of charge.”

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