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The perfect solution

  • From the December 2018 issue.
The perfect solution

Uncompromised levels of service and support are the hallmarks of Transport Refrigeration Services (TRS), which uses a personalised approach to help its customers find the ideal solution for their refrigerated transport needs.

Uncompromised levels of service and support are the hallmarks of Transport Refrigeration Services (TRS), which uses a personalised approach to help its customers find the ideal solution for their refrigerated transport needs.

“From humble beginnings, TRS was started by Greg Woodley in 1978, when he began repairing refrigeration units for customers around Sydney. As his customer base grew, so did his offering and he began selling second hand refrigeration units too.

Greg quickly built a solid reputation in the local refrigerated transport sector and was approached by global refrigeration unit manufacturer Thermo King in 1993, to begin selling its products.

TRS has been the exclusive distributor for Thermo King in New South Wales since 1993, and the exclusive distributor in South Australia since 2008,” says Daniel Wilton, General Manager at TRS.

According to Daniel, Thermo King’s commitment to testing its refrigeration units out in the field here in Australia has been key to the brand’s success locally. “Too often in the refrigerated transport market we see equipment that is just not designed for Australian conditions or how Australian transport operators need to use it – so the products don’t match up in terms of the durability, serviceability and reliability customers need. We know that a Thermo King unit will still be serving its application 10 years down the track.

“Australia has some of the highest temperature and roughest conditions in the world when it comes to refrigerated transport. Thermo King brings many of its new platforms out to Australia to test them under our conditions to make sure they are up to the job. And in some cases the feedback is sent to Thermo King’s research and development teams to make changes that are implemented around the world.”

Started in the United States, Thermo King now operates nine production plants in six countries. Though the locations are vast and diverse, Daniel says that they all abide by the same manufacturing philosophy. “Thermo King refrigeration units are always innovative, always have the latest features and offer the best solution for the application the customer needs it for. There are never any shortcuts. Thermo King always strives to make a product that is more efficient, more serviceable and with a longer life. That’s what Thermo King is all about – anything we get from Thermo King is best of class.”

Along with being a Thermo King distributor, TRS is a diversified business that offers a wide range of services. Together with selling, servicing and offering spare parts for Thermo King refrigeration units, TRS also builds over 500 Thermaxx refrigerated/dry fright truck bodies each year and distributes the Anteo brand of tail lifts.

“We’re a 24/7 business. I’m a firm believer in designating specialist technicians for every product we sell. We have Thermo King, Anteo, Thermaxx and service vans out on the roads 24/7, workshops set up to service all of our products and a specialist to talk to about anything our customers need,” explains Daniel.

“At TRS, we try and ensure we can react to customer requirements. If they have a problem, we’ve got the people to fix it whether it’s daytime, nighttime or Christmas day. We have service technicians across the state and technicians on standby at all times, so we can get someone out there when they are needed for any issues our customers come across, within the hour, whether they are in the city or country.”

Over 40 years on from starting TRS, Greg continues to oversee his business. “He is still the Managing Director and has built the business up over time. Many of his customers still ring him directly – from the smallest to the biggest clients,” says Daniel.

“What Greg did when he started the business was solve people’s issues if they had trouble with their refrigeration units. He still tries to innovate and solve these problems. That culture of working to solve customer issues and come up with a solution continues; and now he has built a specialist team around him that can do that as well. TRS has transformed in size from its inception in NSW to a national provider to the transport industry and is selling more products, but there is a lot that hasn’t changed. We try to treat every customer as an individual and come up with right solution for their specific needs.”

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