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  • From the May 2019 issue.
The reviews are in

Since being introduced into the market, the Swift Delivery System has gained a loyal following. Based on its ease of use, accuracy and fast flow rates, more and more transport operators are incorporating this innovative solution into their fleets.

Engineered and locally manufactured by Liquip, the Swift Delivery System was designed in consultation with industry users, to create a solution that is simpler, lighter, faster and smarter.

This innovative metered delivery system uses level gauging to accurately deliver multiple products through a single pump with ease – whether the method of delivery is gravity-fed, bulk-pumped or hose reel.

Using industry-proven technology, Liquip designed the Swift system with a simple interface, using core components that are familiar to operators.

As the system is based on level gauging, the flow-rate restrictions that occur with a meter are eliminated. Operators can pump at over 1,000 litres per minute, meaning deliveries are completed quickly and efficiently. They can also pre-set volumes for gravity, bulk and hose reel discharges.

The popularity of the Swift system has continued to rise since its inception, with Liquip reporting continued sales growth for the system, which is currently in use in over 10 fleets.

Liquip Engineering Manager Guy Berendsen says that in developing the system, a lot of work went on behind the scenes to make the system so intuitive and user friendly, including allowing for a large display which shows drivers the volume being delivered.

“The feedback we’ve received from drivers is that they really value the large LED display during gravity and bulk deliveries, which are not monitored by conventional systems,” he says.

Among these fleets using Swift are Petrogas in Melbourne, which specialises in fuel delivery for the industrial, construction and agricultural sectors.

Petrogas began using the Swift system because it was looking for a safer, more user-friendly alternative to the older systems it had been using previously. Along with fast flow rates, the fact that the system is less physically demanding than traditional systems due to less moving components was another important factor for installing Swift. The Swift system allows for a more streamlined fuel delivery process, reducing the need for operators to bend or swap and disconnect hoses, while increasing payload capacity.

Mortimer Petroleum, located not far from Geelong in Victoria, is another customer that has been ecstatic with the Swift system since incorporating into its tankers. The business specialises in the delivery of diesel and unleaded fuel to farms and service stations throughout western Victoria, right up to Mildura.

According to Mortimer Petroleum, the Swift system has greatly enhanced the efficiency of its deliveries. The business says that one of the biggest advantages it provides is the ability to easily split fuel for service station deliveries by pre-programming the amount of fuel required for each drop, as the system switches off automatically once that amount is reached. Mortimer Petroleum also like that there is no need to climb up and down the tanker, which is another plus for OH&S.

Some of the previous metering equipment used by Mortimer Petroleum pumped at only 300-400 litres a minute. As the Swift system is capable of pumping 1,000 litres a minute, it means deliveries are completed much more quickly, adding up to a lot less time spent waiting around.

The Swift system combines ease of use with optimum safety. A series of safety prompts are displayed onscreen during product delivery. These are designed to assist operators in preventing the wrong product going into the wrong tank, which can be a costly mistake. It also ensures drivers can operate tankers safely on ground level, eliminating the need to open walkway dip and fill caps.

The Swift system is also lightweight, offering increased payload capacity. In some cases this has allowed for up to 500 litres of extra carrying capacity. It also takes up less space than conventional metering equipment as it uses fewer components, resulting in space saved under the tanker.

The Swift system is supported by Liquip’s national network of authorised Swift installers who can provide technical expertise from system specification, to installation and support if required.

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