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Three big names, one solution

  • From the March 2017 issue.
Three big names, one solution

Tasked with building refrigerated trailers for sister company Scott’s Refrigerated Freightways, Genuine Truck Bodies often turns to transport equipment supplier, JOST Australia.

As part of Automotive Holdings Group (AHG), Scott’s Refrigerated Freightways benefits from the combined experience of a number of transport specialists under the one corporate umbrella. Along with the logistics expertise of three other refrigerated transport operators, Rand, Harris and JAT, Scott’s can also count on sister company, Genuine Truck Bodies (GTB), for its proficiency in reefer manufacturing.

With a fleet of around 500 refrigerated B-doubles running across the eastern seaboard, the skill of building a high quality reefer is one that Scott’s holds in high regard. Tasked with supplying the company with between 100-200 new refrigerated trailers each year, Tony Kerr, Executive General Manager Vehicle Storage Engineering/ Genuine Truck Bodies (VSE/GTB), says Scott’s expectations are high.

“Scott’s is one of the largest reefer companies in Australia, and we are responsible for much of its refrigerated trailer requirements. As a by-product of that, Scott’s is very demanding,” Tony says. “As we’re all part of AHG, we are able to work closely together to ensure what we deliver is the best product around, complete with the most suitable components for the task at hand.”

Running up and down the eastern seaboard and across to Adelaide from its Melbourne base, Scott’s works with a number of blue chip clients with strict delivery schedules and a ‘no excuses’ policy for lateness.

“With these customers, it’s important that we use reliable, hard wearing components that guarantee performance, which for years now has turned us to JOST for fifth wheels, rims and landing legs,” Tony says.

For both of the AHG companies, the equipment from JOST Australia stands out for its quality, operational performance and reliability, with Tony saying that ‘whole of life costs’ are more important than up-front ones. “Often when components are cheaper up-front, they lead to short-term failure. Then, the vehicles are spending more time off the road in maintenance, which is both lost money and a hit to our delivery reputation,” Tony says.

“When you consider that Scott’s has around 1,000 reefers running around the country every night, that’s a lot of trailers to manage. It’s important for us to back up Scott’s, and for JOST Australia to give us that same backup, which it does without fail.”

The aftermarket support from JOST Australia stands out for its ability to provide service when and where the trailer builder requires, and its willingness to work together to get the best result for Scott’s. “We’re proud to partner with JOST as a key supplier for a common customer,” Tony says. “We also use JOST equipment for our other customers outside of Scott’s, unless they specifically request a different brand.”

Working with other brands from time to time gives GTB vital feedback about the performance of alternative components, using the information and experience to compare and contrast with the JOST standard. “We’re all part of the same company, so it’s in our best interests to build the very best refrigerated trailers for Scott’s. We’re something of an ongoing Research and Development machine, refining, re-tuning and redeveloping the refrigerated trailers to make sure that they deliver the best possible result,” Tony says.

“We continually come back to find that JOST makes a good product that does the job, gets positive feedback and in turn enhances its reputation."

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