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Tieman’s aluminium dry bulk solution

  • From the October 2012 issue.
Tieman’s aluminium dry bulk solution

Even a century of success hasn’t stopped multinational corporation Sibelco from focusing on providing that innovative edge. That’s why it has now called on O.ME.P.S by Tieman to design two innovative aluminium dry bulk 26m B-doubles to boost productivity for the companies Lime operations in Queensland.

When the company’s local arm, Sibelco Australia, was looking for a lightweight, yet robust tanker to maximise freight in Queensland, it deferred to Australia’s tanker specialist Tieman – a company Sibelco knew had gained a wealth of experience in the the aluminium tanker segment.

With more than 35 operational sites around the country, Sibelco is specialised in extracting and processing a broad range of industrial minerals, operating a fleet of 16 tankers towed by contracted carriers that travel all throughout Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria – hence choosing the right equipment for the job is crucial to keep the supply chain moving.

The two new aluminium dry bulk B-double sets by Tieman that now join the Queensland fleet mark Sibelco’s first time deal with Tieman, but initial feedback has already been positive.

“In the mining industry, we have to deal with an ever-increasing workload; and due to their history and experience, we believe that O.ME.P.S by Tieman’s aluminium tankers will help us cope with it,” says a representative for at Sibelco Australia. “In fact, every vehicle we operate is purpose built for the task. In this case the B Doubles have been designed to carry two products, hydrated lime or quicklime – that’s why we asked Tieman to build each tanker to maximum cubic capacity.”

Custom-designed to meet Sibelco criteria, each tri-axle 26m B-double can boast a maximum capacity of 36m3 in the lead trailer and 48m3 in the B-trailer. “Tieman have worked hard in developing aluminium equipment that is specially built for Australia’s unique environment. The latest technology they use and the partnership with Italian aluminium expert O.ME.P.S is the reason why we decided on them to design a vehicle that can effectively improve our overall productivity.”

Each lead trailer is based on a fabricated steel chassis bolted to an aluminium mainframe, while the B-trailer chassis is aluminium fabricated to allow for minimum tare weight without compromising on strength. A lightweight, 5mm aluminium alloy shell and 8mm torispherical ends form the body. To ensure a smooth ride on every surface, each B-double set is also equipped with BPW’s heavy-duty tri-axle airbag suspension.

“In regional Queensland, our carriers will encounter a lot of roads where the conditions are not the best. “That’s why the tankers are built to suit the roads we operate on, and I’m confident that they will stand up to the task when working in rugged conditions.”

In addition, each B-double can boast a collapsible safety rail on either side that is pneumatically operated and connected to the braking system. Sibelco says that unique safety feature makes, “working on the vehicle as safe as possible”. Polished stainless steel airlines and side under run protection complete Tieman’s top-shelf spec.

Another key aspect is that all four trailers are able to operate independently, made possible by Tieman’s front-mounted power packs, which are installed on each tanker. Such flexibility is the kind of forward-thinking approach that Sibelco can relate to.

“Being able to split the tankers up into singles to be used on the non B-double network is a real competitive advantage”. Tieman has found the right solution to support us in that regard.”

However, according to Sibelco, it is not only the combination of increased payload, flexibility and innovative design that made Sibelco choose Tieman, but also Tieman’s nation-wide back up service.

“Especially in rural Queensland, it can be quite a challenge to get repair work done. Therefore it is imperative that the manufacturer has a strong support network,” he explains. “At the end of the day, Tieman provides both high quality equipment and great after sales service with their local people on the ground here.”

As a result, Sibelco is already considering adding more O.ME.P.S by Tieman equipment to its fleet. “We will certainly consider the O.ME.P.S by Tieman brand again – and most likely we will also stick to the power-packed mounted layout as it is already proving to be a major plus,” Sibelco says.

“At Sibelco, it is our philosophy to work closely with our clientele to create real value, drawing on the group’s global resources and expertise to deliver local solutions,” he adds. “I think Tieman speaks the exact same language, giving our business a real competitive advantage from day one. They are a great new addition to the team.”

Founded in 1872, Sibelco has grown into a multinational corporation, today operating 228 production sites in 41 countries with a team of around 10,000 people. In 2000, the company entered the Australasian marketplace and since grew into a nation-wide business employing more than 1300 people across the continent.

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