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Tipping the balance

  • From the June 2019 issue.
Tipping the balance

Queensland-based trailer manufacturer, Moore Trailers, has worked with JOST Australia for over two decades to produce reliable and long-lasting tippers for heavy duty applications.

Moore Trailers is a family owned business, based in Pittsworth, Queensland, and has been in operation for 31 years. Joint Managing Director, Shayne Moore, confirms that demand for specialised road transport equipment continues to rise, and the trailer builder is currently working on a new 15,000-square-metre facility to triple productivity in the near future.
For the last 20 years, Shayne has relied on hydraulic equipment and other components from JOST Australia to assure high quality trailer builds.

“We manufacture a lot of different tipper models – bulk tippers, tipping skels, hooklift tippers, tipping bodies – and all of these require specific length and capacities,” Shayne says. “JOST’s range of hydraulic equipment meets all of our requirements.”

Moore Trailers demonstrated a 30’ TOA drop chassis, custom spec’d for Eastwells Haulage, at the 2019 Brisbane Truck Show. This model, according to Shayne, was fitted with a JOST 183-4-5860C cylinder specifically de-stroked to meet special tipping requirements for a shorter model.

Which further emphasises the abilities, and services available for the JOST cylinder range.
The most important feature of JOST’s tipping cylinders for Moore Trailers is their reliability.

“JOST supply tipping cylinders that are long lasting and come with hassle-free service for many, many years,” Shayne says – adding that he always specifies cylinders with all-stage chroming finishes. “We will not purchase any cylinders unless they have this feature. Chroming gives the cylinders their longevity.”

Even though JOST hydraulic equipment is particularly long lasting, JOST National Products Manager – Hydraulics, David Green, says that although he has every confidence in the product, simple maintenance regimes and checks can maximise the life of its componentry. Far exceeding the 2 year warranty provided for all JOST tipping cylinders.

“Maintenance is an important part of ensuring that JOST components perform adequately for a long lifespan,” David says. “For example, JOST cylinders are easy to maintain as they just need to be inspected on a regular basis to make sure there is sufficient lubrication supplied to the trunnion pins and clevis. Well-maintained cylinders will not wear out prematurely.”
Simple checks can ensure operators get the most life out of their JOST Hydraulic cylinder.
JOST cylinders and hoists are used throughout Australia, often in the harshest environments in the country, also suitable for PBS applications such as 4, 5 and 6 axle dog many operators and trailer builders consider them to be the best options available.

In addition to their reliability and serviceability, JOST tipping cylinders feature larger barrel diameters that enable high tipping capacities. Shayne emphasises that oversize trunnions at 65mm on the classic 183 series cylinder for extra strength are an important consideration, too.

“With any tipping trailer, a lot of stress is placed on the trunnion when tipping on uneven ground,” Shayne says. “The oversize feature and stronger feet can give a customer more peace of mind when tipping.”

Moore Trailers’ use of JOST equipment has changed over the years in line with industry developments.

“We use many JOST components for our builds,” Shayne says. “All of our
semi-trailers are fitted with JOST landing legs as standard.”

JOST’s after sales support is wonderful, according to Shayne. “If we have an issue with any of our trailer hoists anywhere in the country, JOST will go out of their way to fix it. We have been dealing with our current Relationship Manager, Jason Green, for almost seven years and we have had partnerships with other members of their team for over 20 years.”

Fast Fact
The JOST underbody cylinder range have also been carefully selected and include a unique TENIFER® treatment on all stages for additional protection against the harshest of environments and also allows a smother anti-friction operation of all stages.

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