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Tough to its core

  • From the April 2019 issue.
Tough to its core

Johnstone Concrete and Quarries sought an axle solution for its latest Performance-Based Standards road trains. Based on proven performance and durability, BPW’s disc brake axles and heavy-duty suspension were the perfect fit.

Operating out of two sites, located in Inglewood and Moree, JCQ supplies its products throughout northern New South Wales and southern Queensland.

Started in 1987, JCQ continues a long-held family tradition in the industry. Mitch Johnstone says his grandfather Ron Johnstone began running a quarry business in 1932. More than 80 years on, Mitch continues to build on his family’s legacy.

The company fleet of approximately 30 trailers service the building, construction and infrastructure sectors. They are used to transport landscaping supplies, quarry materials and concrete out of its four quarries.

The fleet includes a mixture of end tippers and side tippers, which are used in various configurations from truck and dogs through to road trains.

In December 2018, JCQ welcomed the newest trailers to its fleet. Purchased from Brown and Hurley in Coffs Harbour, two versatile road trains were manufactured by Hercules Engineering.

The Brown and Hurley Group are dealers for Hercules, Barker and Roadwest Transport and have a four-bay trailer workshop and a full-length trailer spray booth located in Coffs Harbour to service local customer requirements without the need to go elsewhere.

Trailer Sales Representative at Brown and Hurley Coffs Harbour, John Cole, says JCQ specifically requested BPW disc brake axles and Ringfeder tow couplings. “These were chosen to withstand the harsh conditions of the road network they operate on. It is more of a heavy-duty suspension, so offers great durability. We also recommend this type of BPW ALII D30K heavy-duty suspension with PSB 4309 430mm disc brake axles for harsh operating conditions.”

The new PBS-approved combinations have been set up as a truck and body, with two quad dogs, operating as a Type 1 road train. “This gives us a lot of flexibility. Road trains aren’t permitted out of some of our quarry sites, so it gives us the option to unhook one trailer and still deliver to these areas,” explains Mitch.

“These road trains can achieve a 62 tonne payload, whereas with a conventional road train we could only carry about 50-52 tonne. Both road trains feature BPW axles with disc brakes. These road trains are achieving 24 per cent more payload than a conventional road train. Even though they have one less axle than a conventional road train, we are achieving an extra 10 tonne. We have another PBS road train in a similar set-up which has been working really well for us, so we decided to purchase another two.”

According to Mitch, JCQ specifies BPW axles with ECO Disc brakes and Ringfeder 303AUS tow couplings on all of its new trailer purchases. It’s a decision based on the product’s durability and the high levels of service and support offered by BPW.

“My family has been using BPW equipment for about 40 years now,” reveals Mitch. “The ability for the axles to withstand the rough roads we travel on are the reason we chase the BPW product and still continue to use it. Out here, the roads aren’t the best. We find that the build of BPW’s axles is better quality so we get more mileage and more life out of them. Repairs are also simple. A lot of our deliveries are onto farms, back roads as well as bitumen roads to get into some of the towns, but even some of the bitumen roads aren’t very flash.”

Though Mitch cites durability as the biggest drawcard for the BPW axles, he says the ease of service is another important factor. “Parts for BPW axles are widely available – a lot of places stock them so we can always get the parts we need. We buy parts directly through BPW, as well as through local parts and sales people as we like to be able to support local businesses,” he says.

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