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Tried and trusted

  • From the October 2018 issue.
Tried and trusted

When Hanson turned to Trout River Australia for its first order of live bottom trailers, the building and construction material supplier requested SAF-Holland’s Intradisc suspension based on its proven reliability and performance out in the field.

For Trout River Australia, 2018 has been a time of exciting change and growth. The business was started in 2007, after signing an exclusive agreement with Trout River Industries in Canada to become its manufacturer for the Trout River trailers in Australia and New Zealand.

To cater to its continued growth, the brand has just moved in to a new larger facility in Hallam, Victoria – just a stone’s throw away from the site it previously called home. “It’s around one and a half times the size of what we had. Trout River is growing as a business and this will help cater to growing customer demand. We are hoping the move will help take us to the next level of production and customer service,” says Rodney Wells, General Manager at Trout River Australia.

As well as increasing its production capacity in Victoria, Trout River Australia has a dealer in Queensland, Shephard Transport Equipment; and a licensed manufacturer in New Zealand, Reid and Mowat Engineering Limited.

In recent times, the trailer manufacturer has also introduced a range of innovative new attachments and design concepts, which has helped the brand to diversify into other areas of the transport market. Recent developments have included a 10-gate chip spreader for spray and seal programs; its first 3m extendable side conveyer for filling trenches; a 7m rear conveyer for transferring wood chips from one trailer to another; and the Trout River Shuttle Floor Trailer which features a moving headboard designed for carrying a range of bulk products such as waste, agricultural products and landscaping material.

“The variety of customers is increasing. Our trailers used to be purchased mainly for aggregates and asphalt, but we are seeing more orders coming through for other products such as sands, cement powders and other road based products. We are also winning multiple orders from several large companies. Four live bottom trailers have just been completed for Hanson with quite a few more to come.”

This order for Hanson represents the first major order for Trout River that is equipped with SAF-Holland axles and suspension. “The first trailers we produced 12 years ago were fitted with SAF-Holland gear. When Hanson came on board, they specifically requested Intradisc on the build,” adds Rodney.

“Hanson uses this suspension/axle type across the fleet – it’s a combination of price, weight and warranty that makes the Intradisc a perfect fit. SAF-Holland offers quite an extensive warranty on its axles and suspensions that other competitors struggle to compete with.”

Though known for its quality and reliability, SAF-Holland’s Intradisc is also lightweight. In Hanson’s line of work, where loads are often paid by the tonne, increased payload equals greater productivity and efficiency.

SAF-Holland’s Intradisc features across a large portion of Hanson’s fleet, including many of its tippers, cement tankers, agitators, and now its new live bottom trailers too.

To ensure that everything ran smoothly with the fitment of its Intradisc suspension on this latest order, SAF-Holland Area Sales & Service Manager, Adam Flanigan, organised training with Trout River’s engineering staff that detailed how to set the chassis up and how to complete the fit-out of the brand’s suspension.

“The service from SAF-Holland has been great. As a trailer builder, all you want from your suppliers is a good product, a competitive price, a good warranty and you want them to make everything as easy and simple as possible,” adds Rodney.

“If you don’t have suppliers you can work with and trust, it just doesn’t work. You need to have the ability to trust your suppliers, so good relationships are very important. Trout River is very loyal to its suppliers if they support us, and we always have been. We’re looking forward to a long and continued relationship with both SAF-Holland and Hanson.”

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