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Tuff on the roads

  • From the December 2017 issue.
Tuff on the roads

Bolstering its fleet with specialised transport equipment to stay ahead of the pack, Colpak Logistics turns to Tuff Trailers for a custom 5x4 Steerable Low Loader.

Though more than half of Queensland’s population lives outside of the greater metropolitan area of Brisbane*, urbanisation is affecting the city – prompting businesses to adapt to the rising number of people working and living in these growing urban areas.
To maintain an advantage in the heavy haulage industry, forward-thinking transportation service provider, Colpak Logistics, have relied on specialist trailer builder, Tuff Trailers, for 13 years, investing in more than 20 of its trailers, enjoying the benefits of using innovative and effective commercial transport equipment to remain competitive.

“I won’t just settle for what’s available on the market,” says Colpak Logistics Owner, Colin Pakai. “I need access to the best transport gear with reliable speed-to-market capabilities, which is why I always deal with the team at Tuff Trailers.”

Based in Meadowbrook, Queensland, Colpak Logistics, has been in operation since 2004, moving all kinds of machinery from compact mini excavators to motorbikes to bulk machinery – towing with low loaders, dollies and tilt trays.

“A typical low loader can only handle so much weight until a dolly is required to achieve the extra payload needed,” Colin says. “The problem with fitting a dolly to a trailer combination, though, is that it can get in the way. Then our team either have to drag it around site or need to unhitch it and then pick it up later, which leads to all kinds of inefficiency issues.”

Colin also explains that manoeuvrability with a dolly can be tricky due to the two points of articulation. “The bulk of Colpak’s freight task is in metro Brisbane where the roads seem to be getting narrower and narrower.”

Understanding precisely what Colpak Logistics needs, Tuff Trailers Managing Director, Denis Di Pasquale, and the Tuff team developed the Tuff 5x4 Steerable Low Loader, which features powered steer from the skid plate, double-acting hydraulic suspension with BPW Eco Plus 17.5” axles and comes with Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and Electronic Braking System (EBS).

“The Tuff 5x4 Steerable Low Loader has a deck length of 12.4m, full hydraulic operation at 2.5m deck width that can widen to 3.7m,” says Denis. “The trailer is fabricated with premium SSAB Strenx 700 steel and has 8mm high-grade flooring, high-grade fabricated widening ribs and a set of bifold ramps.”

Denis also says that the trailer, depending on its configuration, can manage a payload of 38-40 tonnes without the need for a dolly, and features double-acting hydraulic suspension that is fitted with auto ride height control which can be adjusted via remote control.

“The new Tuff 5x4 Steerable Low Loader allows my team to move all kinds of heavy equipment without needing to worry about fitting an additional dolly,” Colin says. “With only one point of articulation and a powered steering angle of 35°, we can get in and out of site much more efficiently.”

In addition to building specialised trailer equipment, the team at Tuff also assists Colin with organising period permits to satisfy his speed-to-market requirements.
“In Queensland, I used to rely on trip permits, but it became an issue when a client called at nine in the morning and expected my crew to be ready for pickup by midday,” Colin says. “If my business did not adapt to become more agile, I would be out of the job.”
Now, a period permit allows Colin to run his Tuff 5x4 Steerable Low Loader at its maximum suspension load rating of 43 tonnes so long as he renews the approval every three months, which he says is more practical than working out the paperwork for every trip.

Colin says that Tuff share his passion for innovation and taking trailer designs to the next level. “Denis and his team have provided me with an impressive Tuff 5x4 Steerable Low Loader that satisfies my operational needs perfectly.”

As Brisbane’s population centres expand, and work sites become increasingly more difficult to haul heavy machinery through densely populated and active urban areas, the commercial road transport industry, with trailer specialists like Tuff, will continue to rise to the challenges that disrupt day-to-day freight activities.

“Tuff is unreal,” Colin says. “It has helped us since day dot, and it looks like we will continue to do business for many years to come. This low loader is going to be a game-changer.”

*Source: Queensland Government.

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