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Vawdrey maximises A-double offering

  • From the February 2017 issue.
Vawdrey maximises A-double offering

In an industry first, Maxwell Freightlines has rolled out two A-double curtain-siders that will operate interstate out of Victoria. Designed and built by Vawdrey Australia, this latest achievement adds another compelling chapter to the trailer builder’s high productivity tale.

At the Victorian Transport Association’s (VTA) Freight Outlook conference in Melbourne last November, Vawdrey Australia publicly endorsed VicRoads’ improvements to the State’s growing A-double network. That day, it had grown to include Performance-Based Standard (PBS) approved roads for 30m A-doubles operating at weights between 68.5 and 85.5 tonnes.

Having introduced Victoria’s first PBS Super B-double skels in 2013, and PBS A-double skels in 2014, it was no surprise that Vawdrey hailed the road authority’s advancements as a ‘new point in regulations catching up to industry’. “As infrastructure is upgraded to handle high productivity PBS-approved combinations and access becomes simpler, we anticipate another jump in uptake across the state,” said National Sales Manager, Justin Simmonds, as part of Vawdrey’s Freight Outlook presentation.

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