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When a box is not a box

  • From the October 2017 issue.
When a box is not a box

When DWJ Transport was seeking a refrigerated trailer to carry a wider range of products and expedite its delivery times, the company turned to leading manufacturer, MaxiTRANS, for a tailor-made Maxi-CUBE Slide-A-Side.

Demand for prepared meals has increased over the past five years, as busier lifestyles reduce the time that consumers have to cook for themselves, favouring convenient and competitively priced goods*. This trend has influenced refrigerated freight operations Australia-wide and has prompted road transport companies to upgrade equipment to accommodate for the rise in demand.

For around seven years, DWJ Transport has fulfilled various freight transportation tasks between New South Wales and Queensland, supplying private supermarkets and other businesses with everything from fruit and vegetables, to frozen goods and dry freight. With a fleet that comprises five trucks and 16 trailers, owner Daryl Johnston, says that to remain competitive in the commercial road transport industry, he must invest in quality equipment that gives him an edge in productivity and performance.

Daryl approached MaxiTRANS for his latest trailer, in search of a multi-temperature van to enhance his ability to make frequent deliveries. He was confident that MaxiTRANS would be able to deliver a solution that would meet his expectations for flexibility, efficiency and temperature control on interstate transport tasks.

“I knew exactly what I needed,” Daryl says. “A 45-foot, 22-pallet B-trailer for my B-double combination, with the ability to carry dry freight and chilled goods within the same load. MaxiTRANS was able to engineer a trailer specific to my needs, designing a multi-temperature Maxi-CUBE Slide-A-Side, which also suited my existing A-trailer.”
Daryl says the Maxi-CUBE Slide-A-Slide is a worthy addition to his company’s fleet, adding significant value to his business by giving him flexibility in the products he carries and expediting delivery times.

“Over the years, DWJ Transport has gone from moving general freight to more chilled and frozen goods, which is why we need to invest in better refrigerated equipment options,” he says.

“The multi-temperature zoning allows us to be more efficient, thanks to its ability to carry dry freight and chilled goods all in the same trip. As business continues to pick up, we need to be quicker at what we do best. The Maxi-CUBE Slide-A-Side suits that requirement perfectly.”

MaxiTRANS Area Sales Manager, Michael Ryan, worked closely with DWJ Transport to supply a trailer that he says epitomises efficiency and industry best practice. “Daryl opted for a Maxi-CUBE Slide-A-Slide due to its side and rear access capability, among other advantages. It has the flexibility of a curtain sided trailer, while retaining all the advantages of a van,” Michael says.

“At the press of a button, DWJ can open the air-operated side walls and use a forklift to load or unload the trailer. The Slide-A-Side is unique to Maxi-CUBE and increases Daryl’s flexibility by not forcing him to find a dock to load and unload.”

“It’s about a 12-hour one-way trip from Orange to Brisbane, with multiple drop-off points, so we need to do everything we can to speed up the process of loading and unloading,” Daryl says. “And the best way to make a difference is to use equipment that doesn’t bust your gut.”

Daryl says a further benefit is the ability to access goods at any point in the trailer, without having to unload the rest of the load to reach it. “With every delivery or pickup, it used to take up to 15 minutes to access the vehicle and move pallets,” he says. “Now that I have automatic option of unloading from the side or rear of the trailer, I can get jobs done in under five minutes. When you consider that we perform multiple drops in a 12-hour trip, the performance gains are massive.”

DWJ’s Maxi-CUBE Slide-A-Slide also features evaporation protection – an exterior casing for the reefer’s cooling units protects the evaporators from accidental forklift damage.
“If you go into the docks or a warehouse with a high stack of pallets, there is always the possibility that materials handling equipment such as forklifts can damage your trailer – if evaporative units get damaged then you lose the ability to cool your trailer,” Daryl says. “Maxi-CUBE’s evaporation protection gives us peace of mind over the safety of our cooling units and allows us to better ensure the integrity of our customers’ freight.”
DWJ Transport says that a further benefit of buying a Maxi-CUBE is access to MaxiTRANS’ extensive after sales network. The MaxiTRANS Dealer Network, in combination with MaxiPARTS, offers wide-ranging support from over 30 locations throughout Australia. It allows easy access for businesses like DWJ Transport to parts, service and repairs support over the life of their trailer.

“Wherever we are and whenever we need it, MaxiTRANS is there to support its products, and that’s all we can ask for,” says Daryl.

*Prepared Meals Production in Australia: Market Research Report - August 2017

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