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  • Nortrans: Investing in safety

    Nortrans: Investing in safety

    With a 70-year history in dangerous goods transport, Townsville-based Nortrans has learned the value of investing and innovating to find the ultimate in safety assurance.

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  • Adam Hester Transport: Age is just a number

    Adam Hester Transport: Age is just a number

    Although young for the transport industry, Adam Hester has never allowed his age to factor into his business. Instead, he’s proven himself with his high quality service that facilitates strong relationships and attracts new clients.

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  • Lindsay Australia: Entwined evolution

    Lindsay Australia: Entwined evolution

    Refrigerated transport company Lindsay Australia’s close alignment with agriculture means it shares the same highs and lows as the industry. By adding services to help local farmers increase their reach, Lindsay ensures they both grow together.

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  • Minion Enterprises: Adaptable Me

    Minion Enterprises: Adaptable Me

    Based in the heart of the Port of Newcastle, Minion Enterprises is counteracting the end of the mining boom by continuously adding value to its service offering.

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  • Cartage Australia: One of a kind

    Cartage Australia: One of a kind

    Relying almost entirely on PBS-approved high productivity equipment, Cartage Australia’s leadership team has created one of the most innovative bulk haulage businesses in the world. But the journey doesn’t end there.

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  • Kings Transport: Staying flexible

    Kings Transport: Staying flexible

    Kings Transport started out in the taxi truck business and can now boast a fleet of 1,500 company-owned and sub-contracted pieces of equipment – placing it right in the middle between too small to invest and too big to move.

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  • SRT Logistics: Taming Tasmania

    SRT Logistics: Taming Tasmania

    Forging strong relationships has allowed SRT Logistics to service some of Australia’s most time-conscious businesses while battling with Tasmania’s unpredictable climate, difficult landscape and the tumultuous Bass Strait.

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  • Moits Haulage: Down to earth

    Moits Haulage: Down to earth

    Capitalising on Sydney’s building boom, local family business Moits continues to add capacity to its 50-strong fleet.

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  • FBT Transwest: Safety first

    FBT Transwest: Safety first

    Mindful of the dangers facing tanker transport, FBT Transwest is doing what it can to help build a safer transport industry, including taking on training initiatives and working with associations to spread awareness.

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  • Noske: Constant change

    Noske: Constant change

    When it comes to achieving higher levels of efficiency and productivity, Tony Noske is one fleet owner who knows the true value of innovation and looking beyond accepted practice.

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  • Dutt: More than just a transporter

    Dutt: More than just a transporter

    A commitment to doing things a little differently has led Melbourne’s Dutt Transport to become the go-to fleet for sensitive freight like shop fittings and retail equipment.

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  • Australian Truck Hire: Hire Ambitions

    Australian Truck Hire: Hire Ambitions

    Servicing niche markets in mining, exploration and infrastructure development in some of the country’s most remote areas, Australian Truck Hire Company is a rental firm with a difference.

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