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  • SCT Logistics

    SCT Logistics

    For 37 years, SCT Logistics has relied on an independent approach to capture the Australian transport market. Being the first private company to challenge government monopolised rail freight services on the Australian interstate network, the growing road line haul division assists in completing its national freight service portfolio.

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  • Glen Cameron Group

    Glen Cameron Group

    36 years ago, almost to the day, Glen Cameron was dismissed overnight; losing both job and firm ground. “I can’t recall the reason,” he says. “At a moment’s notice, I was at the loose end.” Unaware that the dismissal in 1974 would mark a watershed, Glen Cameron embraced the adverse fate and started afresh – founding one of Australia’s leading logistics operations.

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  • Kuchel Contractors

    Kuchel Contractors

    Much has changed for Kuchel Contractors since it first emerged in the Barossa Valley in 1950 with a single rigid truck – but over the past 60 years, the one thing that has remained a constant is the company’s firm commitment to quality and service.

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