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  • Transforce Bulk Haulage

    Transforce Bulk Haulage

    When it comes to implementing a long-term strategy for the future growth and sustainability of Australia’s road transport industry, Transforce Bulk Haulage is one name that will drop immediately. The company is the first certified carbon-neutral trucking business in the country.

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  • Micway Transport

    Micway Transport

    As so often, it all started with a casual beer or two. In David Franklin’s case, however, it’s not at all what you expect. David used to be a well-regarded country publican who one day decided to sell up and buy a truck. Micway Transport was born.

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  • Gilmour Bulk Haulage

    Gilmour Bulk Haulage

    WA-based Gilmour Bulk Haulage has specialised in running road trains all across Australia’s vast west, where local mass regulations can provide a notable benefit for the extra axle.

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  • Cartage Australia

    Cartage Australia

    Through an uncompromising commitment to service and quality, Cartage Australia is growing from strength to strength. The Melbourne-based company opened a new facility in Sydney this year to go accommodate an ever-expanding fleet.

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  • Allsons Transport

    Allsons Transport

    An Adelaide operator has developed a business model to include all of the family working independently within the business. Trailer talked to Allsons Transport about how to find a niche in a contested transport market.

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  • Troy Heavy Haulage: Born to haul

    Troy Heavy Haulage: Born to haul

    Barry Troy is a second generation transport specialist who has worked hard and smart to achieve his success.

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  • Primo Haulage: A keen eye on cost

    Primo Haulage: A keen eye on cost

    Based on a pragmatic approach to business and strong relationships with its clientele, Primo Haulage has become a premium name in the refrigerated transport game. Despite a minimum of livery, the company’s fleet is turning heads around the country.

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  • Grainhart: The seeds of excellence

    Grainhart: The seeds of excellence

    Queensland-based Grainhart Transport is serious about achieving a measurable productivity gain and boosting performance in grain packaging, cartage and export. But, despite the strong focus on high technology equipment, family stills comes first.

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  • Hawkins: The mother of success

    Hawkins: The mother of success

    Is it possible to combine a happy family life and a successful career? Yes, just ask Roz Shaw. In the contested business environment that is Australia’s commercial road transport industry, the mother of three has turned Hawkins Road Transport, a classic 'family first' business, into a $80 million corporation.

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  • Gascorp: Triple treat

    Gascorp: Triple treat

    Transporting fuel in metropolitan Sydney can be a tough ask for any haulage company. Local family business, Gascorp, however, has made a virtue out of necessity. In what seemed like a David versus Goliath kind of challenge, Gascorp established itself as a boutique brand with a flawless safety record.

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  • L. Arthur: Limitless potential

    L. Arthur: Limitless potential

    As a leading force in the transportation of containerised freight, it pays to have a diverse fleet that can adjust to the individual requirements of every client. For more than a century, family-owned transport company L. Arthur has provided such variety and can now draw on a solid reputation in a contested market.

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  • Longevity matters

    Longevity matters

    “Trailers will always be an asset,” says Michael Rowell, Director of Rowell Freight Lines – a family-owned Australian transport company that has forged a strong partnership with renowned trailer brands.

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