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Aboods Transport

  • Posted on Monday 30th, April 2018
Aboods Transport

Famous for pioneering regular inter-capital runs in Australia, Aboods Transport is servicing some of the country’s toughest areas with an unerring emphasis on customer satisfaction

Aboods Transport is a name well known in Australian trucking and a prime example for how tradition can shape a business long after the first generation has retired.
The four founding brothers of the business were widely regarded as the ‘gentlemen’ of the profession, with the late Cedric Abood renowned for his legendary ability to completely re-engineer a truck and gain extra-long service life from what were mainly English makes, notably Foden.

With the second generation now in charge, led by Cedric’s son and current Owner, Tony, that dedication to the job – in every aspect, from technology through to customer service – is still very much palpable today.
In 1992, the firm he was working for decided to outsource its transport and the opportunity arose for Tony to put his own truck on the road, so he bought a fire-damaged Mack Mid-Liner single-drive prime mover. With the mechanical knowledge he had gained from his father, he rebuilt the truck, fitting a new cab and crane before converting a second-hand Fruehauf tri-axle trailer to a bogie to suit roof truss transport.

“That first truck is still working today,” Tony says – revealing that the rebuild marked the beginning of Aboods Crane Trucks. “In 1996 I bought a newer vehicle to do dedicated deliveries for a customer, and things grew from there.”
In the early days, Tony would buy second-hand trucks and rebuild them, but the decision was soon made to buy new trucks, starting with an Iveco Powerstar.

The service life expected from an Aboods truck is between seven and 10 years, with Tony pointing out there is never a ‘patch repair’ done – an attitude firmly in line with the family tradition. In fact, there is a fully equipped workshop on site to handle most work, with only major repairs done by dealers when required.

On top of that, Tony is trying his utmost to continue the proud Abood tradition of offering impeccable customer service. In fact, Tony explains that much of the trucks and equipment that he has bought over the years was to meet specific customer needs. “When the demountable house industry became popular I went into extendible drop deck trailers, and between 2005 and 2009 I was buying a truck and trailer every year.

Tony continues to focus on his customer base and attracting new clients by maintaining strong business ethics and broadening his range of specialised services to suit individual needs. “You have to always look for ways to do things better and we work as a team to improve all of the company’s services. We become a part of our customer’s and their customers’ businesses and form close relationships with them to deliver the very best in reliable and efficient service.”

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