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Glen Cameron Group

  • Posted on Tuesday 21st, December 2010
Glen Cameron Group

36 years ago, almost to the day, Glen Cameron was dismissed overnight; losing both job and firm ground. “I can’t recall the reason,” he says. “At a moment’s notice, I was at the loose end.” Unaware that the dismissal in 1974 would mark a watershed, Glen Cameron embraced the adverse fate and started afresh – founding one of Australia’s leading logistics operations.

Being head of a prospering transport organisation, Glen Cameron does not make a secret of the company’s humble beginning. “I didn’t know what to do when I was let go,” he says, looking back to the day the employer laid off the ambitious employee just before Christmas. “So I decided to start over.”

As he had been raised in an environment dedicated to the transport industry, Glen, then aged 22, established a ‘taxi truck’ company supplying the Melbourne metropolitan area.

With Glen Cameron the sole staff member, the fleet originally consisted of one 8-tonne tray owned by a sub-contractor. “The main method of communication was an old, red phone box,” Glen says.  “Just down the road from the first depot in Bayswater, Victoria. At the time, the customer base totalled around thirty-five.”

Inspired by renowned father Ed Cameron, he soon attained success. Having learned the ropes just after graduating, Glen Cameron utilised the experience gained in the family owned company. “I worked for Dad’s company when I left school in 1970, so I knew the business,” he says. “The company, at that time, was an interstate linehaul business, predominantly supplying the area up along the eastern seaboard; carting produce, chilled and frozen product; and general cargo. But I had a different approach, founding a metropolitan trucking service.” Success proved Cameron Jr. right.

The turnover for the opening year was in the vicinity of $160,000. Since then, the Glen Cameron Group has grown to become a multimillion-dollar logistics operation managing 100,000 m² of warehouse space and a fleet of 450 company-owned vehicles.

Over the past decades, Glen Cameron divided the business into five major divisions; local trucking, couriers, warehousing, third party logistics and interstate transport. The development of independent business units has given the Glen Cameron Group the opportunity to be a “one stop shop” offering integrated logistics solutions across Australia.

“However, the Cameron Group is still a soundly-based, privately owned organisation with hands-on management who are proud of their achievements and enjoy seeing it grow,” says Glen Cameron, who just took the opportunity to get behind the wheel himself, delivering the first load of freight to a new Cameron branch in Darwin, and inspecting the status of the fleet.

“I think our fleet is recognised as a high profile one,” he says. “So presentation and visual appearance are paramount. We stick to our colour scheme – yellow, white and blue – since day one, when I decided upon the logo and colours at the kitchen table.

“From a technical perspective, Euro-5 equipment and safety features are vital. We have our own workshop in Bayswater, Victoria, and maintenance agreements with manufacturers all over Australia to ensure premium quality.”
Maintaining 210 company-owned trucks, Glen Cameron places value on modernisation. “We have been buying a lot of Mercedes Benz vehicles in recent times as we appreciate the support we receive. I think the service is a vital issue, and Mercedes’ service has been sensational.”

In addition, the Glen Cameron Group operates 230 trailers – including Vawdrey, Freighter, and MaxiTrans equipment. “We use a combination of straight deck tautliners, mezzanine deck tautliners, 3-zone freezer chiller trailers, refrigerated tautliners, and some flat top trailers,” Glen says. “Our linehaul business is B-double, and our metropolitan business is typically single trailer. Apart from one customer who demands 3-zone refrigerated equipment, we do not require specific gear. All trailers have airbag suspension; and we’re concentrating on Euro-5 compatibility.”

Being the head of a company employing 457 people and over 300 contractors, Glen Cameron is dedicated to a simple motto: “One team, one goal. We want to provide quality services at a reasonable price and excellent customer service – and in the same breath look after our most valued people, our staff,” he resumes.

“Our goal? Continued growth. The past years have been good years for Cameron – due to our regard in the industry. We’re recognised as being a quality operator at a reasonable cost; and we intend to maintain rapid growth with customers who want superior service.”

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