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Miller’s Transport: Fleeting opportunities

  • Posted on Friday 31st, March 2017
Miller’s Transport: Fleeting opportunities

Miller’s Transport has found the right combination of equipment, people and processes to be the key to success in a business environment where opportunity can knock when you least expect it.

If you ask Clint Gilchrist, Operations Manager at Melbourne’s Miller’s Transport and a fourth generation member of the Miller family, coping with the increasing complexity of today’s business environment is not about predicting the future or reducing risk. Instead, it’s about building the capacity to adapt continuously and learn quickly in order to maximise the chance of seizing fleeting opportunities when they arise.

The 25-truck, 80-trailer strong Miller’s fleet is a case in point. Over the course of 2015, Clint and the management team at Miller’s reviewed the company’s entire vehicle parc to examine just how suitable it is for dealing with the increasing complexities of modern container transport and the unique characteristics of the network in which it operates.

One key issue prompting the large-scale initiative was the increasing availability of higher mass freight corridors in and around Melbourne, with Super B-doubles quickly becoming the norm in the wharf game. “We run a 24-6 shuttle of Super B-doubles from Melbourne’s port to the depot in Dandenong South. The Super B has been a very successful concept because we can do with one prime mover and one driver what previously needed two trucks and two drivers, and on the Monash Freeway you get a pretty good run most of the day.”

To get the most out of the equipment, Clint says the company also optimised all processes back at the depot: “We unload the containers in the yard off the skels and we have a program to turn around the individual containers and ship them out of the yard on our side-loader trailers as soon as possible, or as and when the client needs them.”

He elaborates, “One of our business values is that we deliver when the client wants delivery, not when it is just convenient for the transporter. They don’t want cheap and nasty – they want reliable service, which is why we have had some customers for more than 20 years. This has been a key part of our success.”


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