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Prezioso Transport: A matter of respect

  • Posted on Monday 7th, November 2016
Prezioso Transport: A matter of respect

John Prezioso, Director of Prezioso Transport, built his successful transport company by not shying away from driving trucks and getting his hands dirty in the workshop. With a hands-on attitude and approachable leadership style, John has cultivated a work culture based on mutual respect.

Even in the tough transport sector, John Prezioso, Director of Prezioso Transport, has found that it’s easy to keep good employees happy company if they’re treated with the respect they deserve.

“I’ve spent endless hours in the truck away from family, so I have a tremendous respect for drivers as I appreciate what they sacrifice to get the job done,” says John.

John has been in the transport industry since his first days, keeping hands on as the business grew.

“My dad was involved in transport while I was growing up, so I gained a real passion for trucks that lives on to this day. Prezioso Transport started during the recession in the early 1990s and it wasn’t until 1995 that it started growing as Australian businesses began to boom. I grew with our customers as their companies grew.”

Prezioso Transport has long specialised in transporting cement in pneumatic tankers, predominantly from Victorian tanker builder Convair. More recently, it has added cement blended products, mineral sands and agricultural lime products to the mix. “It has been incredibly rewarding watching the business grow and expand. Now we do more than just cement and we have 45 pneumatic tankers, mostly from Convair, which as far as I know, makes us the single largest operator of pneumatic tankers in the Southern Hemisphere.”

Working with cement products makes it hard to keep the pneumatic tankers clean, says John.

“We look after our trucks with two 30m wash bays that the trucks go through every week. Cement can be difficult to clean off once the water hits it, but the hard work keeping them clean is worth it to keep the fleet looking presentable.”

Prezioso Transport’s customers have the fleet travelling between Gippsland and various Victorian sites, as well as across to Adelaide, New South Wales and Queensland. Driving a truck is a hard job, and John says he’s just doing what he can to make the career as enjoyable as possible.

“We really look after our drivers,” John says. “We have full facilities at the depot with sleeping quarters, and each driver has their own truck that we’ve specced to their own individual needs and style. They get fridges, phones and any truck cab cleaning materials they might need all supplied for them.

“By treating them with respect, they treat me with respect in return. So when I ask them to do something, I don’t get any arguments, which makes my life a lot easier.”

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