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Made possible by Smedley’s Engineers, Industry Icon, is a series dedicated to honouring the unsung heroes of the commercial road transport industry.

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  • Thriving on challenges

    September 2019

    Thriving on challenges

    After graduating from university in 1993 with a mechanical engineering degree, Mark Skinner has used his accumulated expertise to bring to fruition a range of bespoke engineering projects at a number of enterprises – including his current employer, road tanker specialist, Holmwood Highgate.

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  • All in a life’s work

    July 2019

    All in a life’s work

    Phil Webb started his career with PACCAR in late 1975. Some 44 years later, after rising to the rank of Off-Highway and Export Manager with a strong engineering involvement, he has retired to spend more time running his farm.

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  • Logging on with innovation

    July 2019

    Logging on with innovation

    For more than four decades Graeme Elphinstone has been coming up with innovative and forward-thinking solutions in log trailer design and manufacture. His ongoing goal is to keep improving efficiencies in the highly competitive transport realm for the benefit of the industry and the country.

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  • Bulldog to the bone

    June 2019

    Bulldog to the bone

    Having worked for 43 years heading the R&D department of Mack Trucks Australia, it’s fair to say what Don Hoey doesn’t know about this iconic brand isn’t worth knowing. Don retired three years ago but still keeps his hand in helping run the Mack museum in Queensland.

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  • A quiet achiever

    May 2019

    A quiet achiever

    Since completing a mechanical engineering degree in 1997, Kevin Johnston has succeeded in a variety of engineering related roles with a number of truck manufacturers. His current role is Product and Pricing Manager with Hino Australia.

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  • Innovation-fuelled business

    April 2019

    Innovation-fuelled business

    With 35 years’ experience in fuel haulage, Paul McCallum partly attributes Inland Petroleum’s ongoing success to the uptake of the latest safety technology along with high-productivity combinations including AB- and BA-triples.

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