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Made possible by Smedley’s Engineers, Industry Icon, is a series dedicated to honouring the unsung heroes of the commercial road transport industry.

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  • Tanker technique

    December 2017

    Tanker technique

    Gary Byford of Byford Equipment has been at the forefront of innovative tanker designs throughout 50 years in Australia’s commercial road transport industry by always putting the customer first.

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  • Down to details

    November 2017

    Down to details

    The grand changes to the transport industry are what seem to capture the headlines, but for PACCAR Senior Design Engineer, Ngee Chong, the little details are just as important.

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  • First off the mark

    October 2017

    First off the mark

    During Krueger Transport Equipment’s 40 years of business in the Australian commercial road transport industry, John Jrueger has had a constant focus on bringing the most beneficial trailing equipment to market.

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  • Hungry and humble

    September 2017

    Hungry and humble

    To say Laszlo ‘Les’ Bruzsa’s list of achievements in the Australian commercial road transport industry is as long as the trailer combinations he helped develop may be an exaggeration, but it does give a sense of scope to his accomplishments.

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  • Outside the norm

    August 2017

    Outside the norm

    The ability to translate innovation into volume production has become a competitive advantage. Relying on a swift decision-making process and a high level of cost awareness, Kennedy Trailers has become a prime example of a modern mid-tier manufacturer.

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  • Behind every Icon

    July 2017

    Behind every Icon

    If there is one thing Graeme Elphinstone is even more proud of than the long list of achievements in transport equipment design he has to his name, it’s working alongside his son, Grant.

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