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  • Carrier Eco-Drive GenSet

    Carrier Eco-Drive GenSet

    Rather than reacting to trends, Carrier Transicold is always planning one step ahead, already offering engineless refrigeration units that can meet the future demands for efficiency and sustainability right now.

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  • Hiab-Moffett glass lifter

    Hiab-Moffett glass lifter

    Miglas’ journey to acquiring its first Hiab truck-mounted forklift took 18 months of research and planning, spanning two continents and a slew of equipment providers in between.

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  • WABCO TailGuard

    WABCO TailGuard

    Long celebrated by operators for its assisted braking technology, WABCO has developed a version of its TailGuard rear blind spot detection system specifically for garbage vehicles.

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  • V.Orlandi D-Value calculator

    V.Orlandi D-Value calculator

    By creating a new interactive online tool that can interpret weighing data, V.Orlandi is now able to determine the correct coupling system for its clients.

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  • Curtain technology to revolutionise trailers

    Curtain technology to revolutionise trailers

    Two of Australia’s most renowned trailer builders, Freighter and Vawdrey, have launched revolutionary new curtain systems designed to speed up productivity and maximise safety for operators.

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  • GTS WABCO TailGuard

    GTS WABCO TailGuard

    Braking specialists at Gough Transport Solutions understand that transport tasks in urban areas have a unique set of challenges for drivers to navigate. But they don’t have to do it alone, with assistance technology from WABCO now available.

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