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  • Daysworth’s terminal tractors

    Daysworth’s terminal tractors

    When it comes to moving trailers around its manufacturing facility with minimal fuss, trailer builder Barker defers to long-time partner and terminal tractor expert Daysworth International to get the job done.

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  • Hiab Australia’s Moffett M4

    Hiab Australia’s Moffett M4

    When Ben Cohn, 28, and Jeremy Rosen, 30, co-founded mobile self-storage company Taxibox in August 2010, the young entrepreneurs knew the idea had the capacity to take off. Barely three years later, business is booming – and with the help of suppliers like Hiab Australia, the sky is the limit.

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  • Gough presents updated OMFB portfolio

    Gough presents updated OMFB portfolio

    ‘Perfect fit’ best comes to mind when describing the relationship between Gough Transport Solutions and Italian hydraulics specialist OMFB, whose products played an important role in Gough’s development as a brand and are still an integral part of the company’s portfolio.

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  • Philips MasterLife DayLight 8

    Philips MasterLife DayLight 8

    One could be forgiven for hesitating at the thought of why using a vehicle’s headlamp during daytime operation would make any sense. But in an era of safety-first transport equipment, the old headlight is not just a light source anymore, but a viable safety feature.

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  • Trailer Coupling Kits

    Trailer Coupling Kits

    Although Graeme Rowlands left no stone unturned when scouting the market for a reliable aftermarket trailer coupling pin made in Australia, he soon found there is only one way to ensure the product is 100 per cent up to scratch – do it yourself. The result is a humming family business, Trailer Coupling Kits Australia (TCK).

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  • HPTA introduces Extreme Composite Plastic (ECP)

    HPTA introduces Extreme Composite Plastic (ECP)

    While most of us think ‘shopping bag’ when talking about plastic, Steve Wilson of High Pressure Thermoforming Australia (HPTA) is painting a whole different picture. To him, the unheeded material can transform the commercial road transport industry into a green and future-proof market segment.

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