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  • Mesh Wheels and Accessories

    Mesh Wheels and Accessories

    Through an uncompromising commitment to delivering quality products and service, Topline Industries has continued to grow from strength to strength. The company is currently furthering its parts division, Mesh Wheels and Accessories, which is headed by commercial wheel and tyre expert, Wayne Hicks.

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  • Daysworth Ottawa 6x4

    Daysworth Ottawa 6x4

    Moving trailers around a company’s yard can be just as tough and costly as it is running them on the road. That’s why Thompson Bros. Transport went out and purchased Daysworth International’s Ottawa 6x4 terminal tractor. Thus far, the move has paid off.

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  • Alfons Haar’s PRO FIT

    Alfons Haar’s PRO FIT

    Drawing on more than 60 years of industry experience, German tanker equipment specialist Alfons Haar continues to deliver significant productivity gains by releasing innovative tools to keep commercial road transport operators humming along. The ‘PTO-FIT’ bulk fuel delivery pump is now turning heads in Australia.

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  • Razor keeping up the pace

    Razor keeping up the pace

    Razor International’s reputation for innovation and creative engineering is driven by a constant pursuit of continuous improvement and actively challenging current procedures and solutions, even if they are market leading. Hence it is no surprise the next game-changing upgrade is already underway.

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  • Daysworth’s terminal tractors

    Daysworth’s terminal tractors

    When it comes to moving trailers around its manufacturing facility with minimal fuss, trailer builder Barker defers to long-time partner and terminal tractor expert Daysworth International to get the job done.

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  • Hiab Australia’s Moffett M4

    Hiab Australia’s Moffett M4

    When Ben Cohn, 28, and Jeremy Rosen, 30, co-founded mobile self-storage company Taxibox in August 2010, the young entrepreneurs knew the idea had the capacity to take off. Barely three years later, business is booming – and with the help of suppliers like Hiab Australia, the sky is the limit.

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