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  • A tuff market

    A tuff market

    Horsham Hydraulics has been gained renown as an expert in hydraulics and engineering since 1994. In order to strengthen its product range, the company started using Plaztuff polymer sheets two years ago. Since then, Horsham’s intentions have focused on making Plaztuff readily available to the Australian Trailer market.

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  • Narva - A rear upgrade

    Narva - A rear upgrade

    Lighting specialist Narva has updated the best-selling Model 48 rear combination lamp for heavy commercial vehicles by combining the latest LED technology with a new linear optic lens.

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  • Small but mighty: Curtain Topper’s miniature trailer

    Small but mighty: Curtain Topper’s miniature trailer

    Even after 20 years of working in Australia’s transport industry, Craig Stephenson has lost nothing of the inquisitiveness that made him become a renowned expert in trailer manufacturing. Seeing nothing but opportunity in the world around him, he now invented a miniature trailer that is likely to change the world of light commercial transport.

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  • Pivotal Edge’s Auto Hatch

    Pivotal Edge’s Auto Hatch

    Creating a safe and efficient operating environment is the number one priority in Australia’s commercial road transport sector. But, while the injury risk has been reduced notably in the past, manually opening a tank cover is still a dangerous task. HM Technologies and their Australian representatives, Bulk Industrial Tankers (BIT), have found a high-tech solution – Pivotal Edge’s Auto Hatch.

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  • Simple safety check

    Simple safety check

    To warn drivers, maintenance personnel and safety inspectors of possible wheel end, bearing and brake failure during walk-around inspections, US company ESCO has developed the Hot Wheel heat indicator label. Distributed by Robina based company 2020V, the cutting-edge technology is now available in Australia.

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  • Avoiding miscalculations

    Avoiding miscalculations

    Reversing onto docking bays has always been the source of costly repair bills for transport operators, with only the slightest miscalculation by the driver resulting in the trailer hitting the dock with enough speed to do damage. BPW has now introduced a tool to avoid high-speed impacts.

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