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Daysworth’s terminal tractors

  • Posted on Monday 30th, September 2013
Daysworth’s terminal tractors

When it comes to moving trailers around its manufacturing facility with minimal fuss, trailer builder Barker defers to long-time partner and terminal tractor expert Daysworth International to get the job done.

Since establishing its headquarters in the small Victorian town of Woodend in 1974, Barker Trailers has expanded its factory several times to cope with a growing demand for its products - a demand that now has the company building roughly 550 trailers a year for the commercial road transport industry.

To offset the reduction in factory space as a result of ongoing growth, Barker began sourcing diminutive solutions for moving its trailers on-site, rather than utilising a prime mover. In 1998, Barker found its answer in terminal tractor specialist Daysworth International and the two have continued on that solid partnership to this day.

According to Barker Trailers Director, Scott Barker, choosing to purchase Daysworth’s terminal tractors was an inspired business decision. “The benefits overall have been fantastic,” he says. “From a productivity point of view, it’s much faster to move things around with a Daysworth tractor because there are fewer movements to connect the tractor to the trailer, and from an OH&S perspective, it’s safer because drivers are not getting in and out of the cabin as much.

Scott adds: “The tractors are user-friendly too, which means any staff member on the factor floor can operator the vehicle. In addition, the tractor is easier to manoeuvre than a larger prime mover.”

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