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Innovec Totalising System

  • Posted on Monday 16th, May 2016
Innovec Totalising System

Innovec Controls has released a brand-new powered Totalising System model to make tracking liquid deliveries a simple task, by incorporating innovative features and the latest in technology.

In Sydney’s inner-city suburb of St Leonards lies a hive of innovation: the headquarters of Innovec Controls. Known for its quality design and manufacture of reliable process control instruments and LED safety lighting products, the company has launched the latest development in April this year, the Innovec Totalising System (ITS).

“Innovec aims to increase our customers’ productivity by providing reliable, accurate and user-friendly instruments that provide solutions with application-based designs,” says Innovec’s Robert Newman. “Our brand-new Totalising System is no different – providing a user friendly instrument at a competitive price.”

Robert explains that the newly designed ITS incorporates a range of features to make tracking liquid delivery a simple task for fleets and operators, such as its 18mm backlit six-character LCD display, an industry standard flowmeter input selection, quadrature input, reverse flow detection and dual output relays.

“Pressing the start button will energise output relay one and start liquid flow. The display total will increment in value or display flow rate. When the set point is reached the relay is de-energised, stopping flow,” Robert says. “We’ve also incorporated a low flow alarm, so that if no input pulses are received within a user programmed period, the low flow output is activated and an error is displayed.”

According to Robert, the K factor, decimal points and set point can all be configured from the system’s easy to use front panel or from a tablet with the Innovec App. “Through Bluetooth communication to a tablet with the Innovec App, the ITS can also produce a delivery receipt showing quantity of liquid, time, date and a precise GPS position of where the dispense occurred,” Robert explains.

“With this communication link to a tablet we can produce a real time display of liquid flow at a distance of up to 300 metres. This can all be emailed from the tablet with the receiver’s signature hand written on the tablet screen and attached as a PDF to demonstrate legal proof of delivery.”  

Thanks to its ability to develop innovative solutions for niche market segments in Australia, North America, Scandinavia and Asia, Robert says Innovec Controls has earned a leading position, that he says is “is enhanced by continuously developing quality products like our new Totalising System for truck dispensing”.

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