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LED Autolamps harness system

  • Posted on Saturday 2nd, July 2016
LED Autolamps harness system

LED Autolamps has introduced a brand new heavy-duty harness and lighting system aimed at revolutionising the way lights are installed on trailers.

Four years ago, LED Autolamps celebrated the release of its most significant product to date – a heavy-duty harness and lighting system designed specifically for fitment to trailers without the need to cut or splice wires, and built to endure Australia’s unpredictable road conditions.

While the system impressed many a trailer manufacturer, LED Autolamps was already planning for future enhancements based on industry feedback. In 2016, the company launched the re-designed version of the system at the International Truck, Trailer & Equipment Show in Melbourne.

“We’ve listened to the requirements of our customers and come up with a solution that they need in a truck and trailer cabling system, including making it simple to piece together from the front to the rear,” says Glen Raymond of LED Autolamps.

“The harness system also has additional protective connector covers, so wherever there is a join or splitter, there are covers that snap shut, increasing the strength and durability of that join, making it near impossible to pull apart.

LED Autolamps was determined to have the system meet Australia’s strict Dangerous Goods rating requirements. “Each of the connectors are IP 68-rated waterproof, ensuring a water tight seal on all sealing rings,” he says. “In addition, all materials used are manufactured to Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) specifications.”

Glen describes LED Autolamps’ latest enhancement as a “real game changer”, providing a new level of safety and flexibility for the operator to change and adapt the system to any trailer, if necessary.

“Manufacturers often require high output with low downtime to stay profitable,” he says. “The new system addresses this, while maintaining its ability to reduce fitting times using its simple plug in design allowing skilled or non-skilled fitters to complete the installation and service. Based on data we’ve collected from the transport market, we project this system to reduce labour costs by 80 per cent.”

According to Glen, the key to this system is its flexibility and by offering 12 different plugs for various functions, this allows the addition of extra lighting to be added at any point in the line.

“There are 3x7 core four-way plug connectors with two pin outlets for a centralised fitting option and 6x7 core three-way plug connectors with a two pin outlet for side inline fitment option, also for extra marker lamps or extended marker cable is a two core three-way joiner/splitter. 

“There are also two main cable connectors, including a seven core junction splitter for rear left and right lamps; and two two-pin outlets for marker or license plate lamps as well as a seven core junction splitter for left and right rear lamps.”

LED Autolamps says all plugs have been specifically colour-coded for the particular wire function, which eliminates confusion and possible errors during installation.

“To give it more flexibility, the harness system boasts 13x7 core main cable lengths, with the option of both male and female plugs, or just with the male plug and bare wires, also available 8x2 core marker cables,” Glen says.

“The cable selection allows the easy addition of extra lengths and joins to lamps or to run an unbroken continuous length along the entire trailer. The addition of a seven-core main cable extension ensures the system can also adapt to a B-double trailer.

“To complete the system, several lamp options are available in eight different types of markers, two different types of license plate lamps, reverse/flood lamps, as well as small, medium and large rear combination lamps in various truck styles. All lamps are Australian road approved.”

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