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Access boost on the Newell Highway: NHVR

  • Posted on Monday 4th, November 2019.

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) has welcomed a NSW Government decision to improve access for high productivity vehicles along the Newell Highway at Coonabarabran.

NHVR Freight and Supply Chain Executive Director, Peter Caprioli, said the additional access for Modular B-triples, B-triples, AB-triples and Type 1 road trains up to 36.5 metres was another step forward for industry productivity.

“These classes of heavy vehicles will now be able to travel under the National Class 2 Heavy Vehicle Road Train Authorisation Notice and associated NSW Higher Mass Limits Declaration,” said Caprioli.

“This will allow easier access to improve freight routes for heavy vehicles travelling from Narrabri and Tooraweenah.

“Higher productivity vehicles are often newer and utilise safety modern technology,” he said.

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