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ACFS Port Logistics consolidates industry support

  • Posted on Tuesday 5th, June 2018.

Container logistics operator, ACFS Port Logistics, is proud to announce its continued support and relationship with Wakefield Transport in the Sunraysia region for a further contracted term. 

“The Sunraysia region, famous for its produce, is fortunate to have Wakefield drive a seamless ‘door to door’ service for its customers; with the only containerised rail service between Sunraysia and the Port of Melbourne,” ACFS Port Logistics said in a statement.

“Wakefield Transport and ACFS through our seamless rail Intermodal and transport solutions ensures Sunraysia produce can be enjoyed across the globe.”

The ACFS rail terminal on the Port of Melbourne loads and unloads trains up to 1.5km long from regional Victoria and beyond. Managing in excess of 140,000 TEU per annum, its regional rail customers are supported by ACFS’ 24/7 road fleet and wharf technology systems, reportedly keeping customers informed at every step of the way.

Last month, ACFS Port Logistics acquired national third-party logistics provider, Group Market Logistics (GML).

“Consistent with ACFS’ vision to customise product offerings and logistics solutions, the acquisition creates a unique value proposition within the Australian 3PL market, also enabling ACFS to leverage their existing infrastructure and logistics capabilities,” ACFS Port Logistics said in a statement.

“The newly-acquired business and sites have rebranded as ACFS e-Solutions, with a new website currently under construction.

“ACFS e-Solutions will provide a hassle-free, integrated e-commerce and omni-channel fulfilment platform, supported by scalable infrastructure that utilises the latest in warehouse technology.

“With a network of warehouses in Pemulwuy, Sydney; Derrimut, Melbourne; Port of Brisbane; and High Wycombe, Perth, ACFS e-Solutions can offer a nationwide 3PL solution with complete integration and tailored logistics built around the customer.”

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