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Air Brake Systems supports safety with K&S Group

  • Posted on Thursday 9th, November 2017.

Trailer equipment specialist, Air Brake Systems, has been fitting WABCO Electronic Braking Systems (EBS) for K&S Group for almost a decade as part of an ongoing national road train upgrade project.

Air Brake Systems General Manager – Sales and Operations, Glenn Hambleton, has said the company recently fitted K&S Group tankers and road train dollies in Darwin with WABCO E-series EBS, featuring roll stability. Each trailer has also been fitted with a safety telltale light so drivers can visibly check via the side mirrors whether the EBS is active before starting a trip.

“Air Brake Systems have been a preferred supplier to the K&S group for nearly ten years,” said Hambleton.

“The relationship started in 2007 when we were asked to inspect the existing fleet of tankers in Townsville, which eventuated in a nationwide upgrade project where each Dangerous Goods tanker was refurbished with the latest WABCO EBS.

“Extensive road testing was also completed in Darwin back in 2010 to validate the effectiveness of EBS when installed on 53MTR road train combinations – with great results,” he said.

Hambleton has also explained the advantages of fitting quad road train tankers that will be used throughout the Northern Territory to haul products for the mining industry, with current WABCO safety technology.

“WABCO EBS provides many safety benefits including Anti-lock Braking (ABS), which offers directional control under heavy braking and prevents locking of one or more wheels; Electronic Load Sensing (ELS) to balance braking between all combinations when fully laden or un laden as well as Roll Stability Support (RSS) – which introduces the braking application as a preventative measure when there is a danger of tipping, to stabilise the vehicle,” he said. "Also, the CAN routers on each semi-trailer ensures that the brake demand signal is propagated from any trailer to others in milliseconds. This reduces stopping distances and assists with stability during braking."

Air Brake systems has also maintained onsite service training to support the K&S workshop staff both in Darwin and Townsville.

“K&S Group has a safety-first work ethic, and a can-do attitude, hence the partnership with Air Brake Systems,” said K&S National Equipment Manager, Robert Douglas.

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