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ALC calls for wider focus of telematics review

  • Posted on Monday 27th, November 2017.

The Australian Logistics Council (ALC) has said that a review of regulatory telematics being undertaken by the National Transport Commission (NTC) must consider the benefits of using telematics to improve multiple aspects of heavy vehicle safety, including the control of speeding compliance and advancing land transport market reform.

According to ALC Managing Director, Michael Kilgariff, the Council has a longstanding record of advocating for the mandatory use of telematics to enhance heavy vehicle safety.

“It is pleasing that the NTC has at last agreed to examine matters including industry adoption rates, barriers to adoption and the governance and legislative arrangements surrounding the use of telematics in heavy vehicles,” said Kilgariff.

“However, it is important that the parameters of this review are not drawn so narrowly that they preclude active consideration of the broader benefits of telematics, both in terms of enhancing road safety and boosting national productivity.

“Industry has consistently told the NTC and other government bodies that mandatory use of telematics is essential to driving efficiency and safety improvements in the heavy vehicle sector.

Kilgariff has explained that discussions about making more effective use of telematics has been ongoing for years – during that time the technology available to industry has become more reliable and accessible.

“ALC’s continuing discussions with industry participants regarding the National Freight and Supply Chain Strategy indicate that industry is continuing to embrace innovative
technological solutions,” said Kilgariff.

“This means it is now easier than ever to collect reliable data that can shape the development of a more efficient and safer freight transport network.

“Industry is grasping the nettle when it comes to telematics. Now is the time for regulators and statutory bodies to do likewise,” he said.

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