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ALRTA pushes to revoke Aussie Farms’ charity status

  • Posted on Friday 10th, May 2019.

The Australian Livestock and Rural Transporters Association (ALRTA) has written to the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission requesting a review of the charitable status of Aussie Farms.

Aussie Farms publishes information detailing the location of more than 3,000 livestock farms and processors where it alleges animal abuse is commercialised. Individuals are encouraged to capture images or videos at these sites to upload onto its online sharing platform.

While ALRTA acknowledges that the Charities Act 2013 lists ‘preventing or relieving the suffering of animals’ as a charitable purpose, the Act also disqualifies purposes such as ‘engaging in or promoting activities that are unlawful or against public policy’.

“There are clear laws in Australia that regulate the treatment of animals for commercial or private purposes,” ALRTA said.

“Farmers and processors identified by Aussie Farms Inc. are not abusing animals. 

“The information and instructions provided by Aussie Farms Inc. incites individuals to engage in illegal acts such as break and enter, trespass and harassment against persons conducting legal farming and processing activities.”

ALRTA asserts that the true purpose of Aussie Farms Inc. is to facilitate these illegal activities.

“This situation is akin to a charitable organisation with the purpose of ‘advancing social welfare’ publishing the names and addresses of high wealth people and then encouraging individuals to capture and upload images of the inside of their homes to ‘illustrate social inequity’,” said ALRTA. “Australians would not stand for the resulting levels of trespass and harassment in that case, and nor should we be expected to tolerate it in the livestock farming and processing sector.”

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