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Arconic stresses wheel safety

  • Posted on Thursday 6th, June 2019.

Manufacturing company, Arconic Wheel Products Australia, recommends regular wheel maintenance checks to maintain safe road transport fleets.

General wheel checks should be carried out at least once a month, according to Arconic General Manager Sales and Technical, Ross Simmons.

He said that detailed checks for tyre age, kilometres travelled, pressure level tread should occur four times a year – prior to and after the summer months as high temperatures can add stress to tyres and wheels.

“Don’t be mistaken by a clean wheel,” said Simmons. “A wheel that has been exposed to excessive heat may appear to be in good condition if cleaned. Even if a wheel does not appear to be obviously burnt, inspect labels, tyre bead, and brake components for evidence of charring, melting, blistering or burning. If one of these components shows signs of overheating, the entire assembly, including the wheel, should be replaced.”

Alcoa wheels manufactured from January 2009 are reported to have a 2.5cm clear round heat indicator sticker located at the wheel flange next to the roll stamp, along with the same sticker located on the tyre side drop well close to the valve. According to Arconic, this indicator will activate and blister or have a blackened appearance when exposed to excessive heat.

“If any wheel has been exposed to excessive heat, it must be immediately and permanently removed from service,” said Simmons. “Conducting regular wheel maintenance checks is not only
necessary for your business but extremely important to your safety and the safety of your employees.”

In related news, Arconic Wheel Products helps Australian fleets maximise payloads by offering the lightest wheels in the market.

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